Let’s get Bikes on the Beeb!


We have been doing an online petition in the hope we can encourage the BBC to do a ‘Top Gear’ style programme for bikes to show on prime time TV. I enjoy watching Top Gear but am forever wishing they would feature more bikes, however with anti-bike Jeremy Clarkson being the main presenter this is unlikely to happen. Despite Richard Hammond and James May both being keen bikers.

We figured that with over 300,000 motorcyclists in the UK a large percentage would be happy to watch a TV programme dedicated solely to bikes especially off the back of how successful the Top Gear formula is.

Our petition is a great way of bringing the biking community together and joining the campaign will help our voices be heard when we unite for better things for biking and bikers.

Our survey of over 10,000 bikers found that 93% would like to see a bike equivalent of Top Gear on the box. This is proof that as much as we can get our biking kicks from magazines, its finally time we had our own dedicated TV programme.

As well as the petition we have also carried out a survey to gauge what sort of things should be shown on the programme with some interesting results.

The respondents would like to see road and track bike reviews and biker news including changes to the law and industry stats over Bike racing news.

Donnington Park is the track that should host the show and Charley Borman should be the presenter.

So it’s already looking like it would be a great show. If you feel the same way, give us your support by signing the petition and completing the survey and who knows, it might not be long before we get the bike based TV programme we have all been waiting for.

Sign the petition here http://www.facebook.com/swinton.bikes/app_127709503932081

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