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Schoolboy biking decisions!


Even the most seasoned bike riders amongst us must be able to admit when we have made a mistake or a bad decision, in fact it’s the aftermath of events like these that end up making us better riders – fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me etc…

I spend a lot of time on 2 wheels so am ashamed to admit that I have suffered my fair share of poor (and often schoolboy) decisions. Some resulting in more severe after effects than others, but hey, hopefully after seeing what I admit to then A) I will still have a job and B) it might make you feel better after any poor decisions you may have made.

Please bear in mind these events are spanning over 15 years of almost daily riding – Who am I kidding, they were stupid decisions:

  • Washing my bike down one winters evening, to find outside my garage like an ice rink the following morning.
  • After a proper bike clean I put ‘Back to Black’ on the tyre walls – does not say ‘do not use on motorcycle tyres’ on the tin for nothing.
  • Leaving a chain and padlock on railings over night to find someone had sealed my padlock with glue/filler – meaning I had no means of securing my bike the following day.
  • Strapping my backpack to the pillion seat with a dodgy bungee – I got home, my backpack didn’t.
  • Going straight into the intermediate group on my first track day – bypassing the novice group. Scary and foolish
  • Following a faster rider and hitting a bend 20mph quicker than I would have done had I been riding within my comfort zone/ability
  • Not putting the sidestand down properly before getting off the bike. Crunch.
  • Going abroad but not bringing spare batteries for my alarm fob. Push the button, nothing, turn the key, immobiliser kicks in, rural french cafe sell the batteries you need?, no.
  • Fuel light comes on and you know you WILL run out of petrol. ‘I’m sure it will get me home, just’. No, no it won’t.

‘Who the hell let this guy ride a bike!?’ I hear you cry. I’ve just asked myself the very same question.

Get out there, ride your bike and do not do any of the above, hopefully I will have suffered the embarrassment so you don’t have to.

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