Cyber Insurance


Cyber Insurance policies to suit your business

Out of all the risks your business could face, losing your data or finding yourself in the hands of a cyber hacker who has taken control of your computer system isn’t something that you may have considered or if you have, something that you thought would never happen to you.

Cyber-attacks can lead to costs against your business from lost revenue, handling a data breach, a damaged reputation, and legal and regulatory costs – not to mention the associated business disruption.

Taking preventative measures can be crucial in helping to stop these attacks from happening but sometimes these measures aren’t always enough – that’s where Cyber Insurance comes in.


Insurance cover in the event of a cyber-attack

At Swinton Business, we have partnered with select insurers to offer our customers Cyber Insurance, which provides protection should you fall victim to a cyber related attack.

Whether you’re held to ransom by a hacker and need to know what to do, need to notify your customers that you’ve had a data breach, or need financial support for loss of income, speak to us on how Cyber Insurance could help.  

You can also be assured that should you suffer a cyber-attack you will get access to IT experts to help get your business back up and running with minimum disruption. 


What can Cyber Insurance cover?

  • Support from IT forensics and cyber specialists to investigate and get your computer system back up and running in the aftermath of a cyber-attack.
  • Legal costs associated with managing a response to a data breach.
  • The costs of notifying customers, regulators and affected parties should a data breach happen.
  • Loss of income if your business is out of action following the impact of a cyber related crime.
  • Support in managing a situation where a threat is made against your computer system or is held to ransom.
  • Unintentional transmission of a virus or if you mistakenly infringe upon a parties copyright. Credit monitoring costs to help prevent further impact to your customers.
  • PR costs to help minimise the damage to your brand and reputation.

These are just some of the areas a Cyber Insurance policy can cover and terms and conditions do apply.

If Cyber Insurance is something you’d like to discuss further, our team are on hand to do just that!


Do I need Cyber Insurance?

If you rely on a computer system in order to trade or have sensitive or employee or customer data stored then whether you’re a small or big business, Cyber Insurance is definitely something you should consider.

Cyber Insurance doesn’t cover everything which is why it is important to speak to our team so we can let you know exactly what you can get cover for. 

Would a Cyber Insurance policy benefit my small business?

Some hackers don’t mind who they target and therefore the data you hold on your computer system could be at risk no matter how small your business may be and smaller companies are often easier targets as you don’t have IT security teams to rely on. We’ve partnered with insurers who have designed Cyber Insurance to support small and medium sized businesses and we’re on hand to let you know exactly how you can protect yourself should you fall victim to a cyber-attack. 

Can I stop a cyber-attack from happening?

Taking precautions such as keeping software updated and making sure you frequently change your password can help reduce the risk, however sometimes this isn’t always enough. Cyber Insurance is designed to give you the support needed in the unfortunate event a cyber-attack disrupts your business and help get back up and running as quickly as possible. But prevention is always better than cure. Some of the products we offer also give you access to information on cyber threats and support on the steps you can take to help keep your business secure.

How can Swinton Business help me find the right cover?

At Swinton Business we partner with a select panel of insurers. Speak to one of our team today to find out more about the cover we can provide for a number of cyber related risks. 

What types of business do you cover?

We offer policies to a wide range of businesses from restaurants to manufacturers. Get in contact with us to see how we can help you.