Management Liability

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Cover for decisions taken on your company's behalf

If you’re a company director or officer, actions or decisions you take on the company’s behalf can leave you liable and susceptible to personal lawsuits, job loss or even financial ruin. That’s why the Management Liability Package through Swinton Business is invaluable. 

The Management Liability Package can help protect you against breaches of regulation, legal costs and compensation awards that you, as an individual, could be held personally accountable for. Claims can be made by suppliers, employees, shareholders, creditors and other stakeholders in a number of areas so it makes sense to have financial protection in place.

How Swinton Business can help

  • Liability cover for directors, managers and officers
  • Covers can include personal wealth of directors and officers for defence costs incurred or awards made for legal actions
  • Various cover levels available
  • Options available to include other products to meet all your business insurance requirements.

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