Band Insurance

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Band Insurance from Swinton Business is designed with you in mind. When you’re about to take the stage, or you’re rehearsing at home, or travelling to a gig there’s a lot to think about. Are you ready? Does this instrument work? Is our drummer even here?

While we can’t make sure your drummer arrives on time, we can help arrange public liability insurance to protect you if the worst happens.

Public liability insurance protects you against the costs of repairs and legal fees, should a member of the public have an accident (such as a trip or spill) or you cause damage to equipment or property that results in a claims against you. Cover can be arranged from £1 million and can be extended as required, depending on what you need. Just answer some questions and we’ll help you find our cheapest quote available from our specialist insurers.

Business Equipment and Tools Insurance

Being asked to travel at short notice, long journeys and unexpected events when you get to a gig probably won’t be unfamiliar to you. Things can be a bit ‘last minute’, and change quickly, which means your band equipment runs the risk of being stolen or damaged. Business Equipment Insurance can be taken as an optional extra with your main business insurance, such as Public Liability Insurance.

There are four levels of cover up to £10,000 and you are covered for any tools that are away from your base and overnight in a vehicle. Cover can even include PCs and Laptops used for your business. The maximum claim per item is £1,500 and while equipment of tools stolen from vehicles by forced entry is covered, this is only if items are not visible and your vehicle security devices are working and activated. Policy underwritten by Astrenska Insurance Limited.

Do you employ additional people in your business?

It is possible to insure all band members in one policy. However if you employ anyone else in the business then you might have to hold Employers’ Liability Insurance by law. It’s an important type of business insurance, and covers you against the cost of legal fees or a compensation claim if one of your staff members has an accident or gets ill, and your business is responsible.

Speak to our team if you would like to add Employers’ Liability Insurance to your business protection plan.

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