Insurance for Professional Services

Those who are adept at providing services and advice to companies will already know how seriously a mistake can damage your finances, as well as the reputation of your brand.

Here at Swinton Business, we can help find business insurance for dozens of different trades, from accountants to marketing consultants. We always take the time to understand the specific needs of your business so you’ll get a policy that suits you.

How we can help

  • Public Liability Insurance – from £1 million, but can be extended up to £10 million.
  • Employers Liability Insurance — £10 million as standard, but can be extended.
  • Additional cover available for:
    • Business premises
    • Loss of documents
    • Business interruption
    • Directors & Officers Liability
    • Computer equipment
    • Money
    • Terrorism
  • Optional Legal Expenses Insurance available separately.


Handling complex financial matters all day can be hard work, but arranging your insurance doesn't have to be. When you’re working with clients, it's sensible to ensure you have the right cover in place, so if things do go wrong you know you're protected.

At Swinton Business, we can find insurance for accountants to cover you or your firm.


As an architect, you face a range of risks on a daily basis. With the risk of a building design error or a theft at your offices, it makes financial sense to ensure you have the right protection in place. 

At Swinton Business, our team is dedicated to helping you find the right insurance to suit your needs as an architect. We have access to a range of insurance products to find cover that helps you protect your company when you need it most.


Consultants open to many risks every day, whatever services you provide. You could be held liable for wrongful advice or negligence, a member of the public could make a claim against you, or your office could be broken into and your equipment stolen.

However unlikely this may seem, having the right insurance is essential whatever type of consultant you are. That’s why we provide a range of insurance products to help meet the needs of your business, from Public Liability to Professional Indemnity.

Contractors’ Insurance

Contractors experience plenty of unique risks. Being in charge of so many different skilled trade professionals means you're liable for any accidents that could happen on-site. That’s why you need to ensure you have suitable protection in place.

Our team is experienced in arranging insurance policies tailored to the specific needs of contractors, covering everything from broken equipment to Public Liability.

Estate and Letting Agents’ Insurance

Whether you deal mainly with commercial or residential property, as an estate agent it's your job to help and advise your clients as best you can. Your role can bring with it many challenges and unforeseen risks, so it makes sense to ensure you have the right level of estate agents insurance in place.

At Swinton Business, our dedicated insurance advisors will find a policy tailored to suit your needs. We arrange insurance for estate agents quickly and easily, so whether you’re dealing with landlords, tenants or first-time buyers, you can rest assured you’re fully covered.

Independent Financial Advisors’ Insurance

Advising clients regularly on their financial matters can leave you open to liability claims. If a client were to make a significant financial loss as a result of your advice or from an error on your part, you could be held responsible. Court costs and legal fees can spiral and have a detrimental effect on your business. That’s why it’s wise to consider financial advisor insurance, which can include Professional Indemnity Insurance for IFAs, to ensure your livelihood is protected.

Our team can arrange insurance for Independent Financial Advisors to help meet the specific needs of your business.


As a chartered surveyor, your work affects other people, businesses and the environment. With so much at stake, it’s essential that you have the right protection in place to cover your business.

At Swinton Business, our team have experience arranging insurance for a range of surveying professions, from quantity to land surveyors. Whether you need Professional Indemnity Insurance or Directors & Officers Insurance, we can help meet the needs of your business so if the worst happens, you have the right protection in place.

Protect your business

Keeping your business covered for all eventualities is one of the best ways to ensure your future success. Get in touch with the friendly team at Swinton today to find out how you can get the policy that’s right for you.

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