Courtesy Cars

Nobody wants to be without their car for any amount of time, but if your car does need to go in for repairs, courtesy cars are there to make sure you can stay on the road while the work is done.

A courtesy car is a vehicle offered by a repair garage for use while your car is being fixed. The cost of this service may be included in your insurance depending on the level of cover you have - this varies between different UK car insurance companies and policies.

How do I know if I have courtesy car cover?

If you have a comprehensive policy from Swinton, you’ll get a courtesy car if yours needs to spend time off the road due to an insured accident that was your fault. Courtesy cars are provided as long as you use one of our recommended and approved repairers to fix any damage.


Do I need to insure the courtesy car separately?

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No, as long as you’re entitled to a courtesy car as part of your policy, your existing insurance should cover you.

As with anything related to your insurance policy, it’s always worth reading the fine print before driving your courtesy car, as well as consulting the garage that provided you with it.

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What type of courtesy car will be provided?

This depends on the terms of your policy, and also what vehicles your chosen garage is able to offer, but they are usually smaller car models like a Vauxhall Corsa, for example. 

Will I always receive a courtesy car?

If your vehicle is stolen and not recovered, or has been declared as a write-off, it’s rare that you’ll be offered a courtesy car unless you have our Premier policy. With this type of cover, you’ll receive a hire vehicle for 14 days.


How long can I keep the courtesy car for?

In the majority of cases, you are going to want to use the courtesy car for as long as it takes to get your car back on the road, and most garages should be able to provide this. But it’s definitely worth checking when you enquire about a courtesy car whether the garage has a time limit on use of courtesy cars, and whether this is long enough for your needs.

If in doubt, it’s always best to check with us, as well as your courtesy car supplier. 

Five-point checklist

Should you find yourself without your car, and feel you need a courtesy vehicle to keep you on the road, follow this simple checklist to make sure you get through the process easily, and without surprise charges:

  • Check your eligibility: Consult the wording of your policy to see if you are eligible for a courtesy car.
  • Book your car into an approved garage: The cost of borrowing a courtesy car is usually only covered when you use an insurer's recommended partners.
  • Make sure your garage offers courtesy cars: Some garages don’t offer courtesy cars, or may not have one available, so it’s best to make sure before you book your car in.
  • Check how long you’re entitled to use the car for: Make sure your garage will provide a vehicle for the entire time it takes for your time to be fixed.
  • Double check how the costs will be covered: Check that your garage will work directly with your insurance provider to cover the cost of your courtesy car. 

Whether it’s a recommended repairer or not, it’s likely you’ll have to pay an excess for any repairs.

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