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MG is a British car manufacturer best known for its classic two-seater sports cars. The company currently specialises in budget-priced vehicles.

MG currently offers three models: the MG3 supermini, the 5-door MG6 hatchback and the company’s newest vehicle – and its first SUV – the MG GS.

All new MGs come with a three-year warranty that can be upgraded to either four or five years. New vehicles also carry a six-year anti-perforation guarantee, which protects against rust damage. MG-approved used cars come with a 12-month warranty.


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Did you know?

MG began in 1924 when Morris Garages spotted a gap in the market for faster and sportier versions of its Morris cars. Here are a few things you may not know about this long-running British company:

  • The Duke of Edinburgh purchased an MG TC Midget in 1947 , four months before marrying the Queen. In 1969 Prince Charles purchased an MG GT, which he later passed on to Prince William
  • The 100,000th MG was built in May 1956. The 1,000,000th MG rolled out of the factory in October 1975
  • MG has had a number of owners over the decades, including Rover, BMW and British Aerospace

Although it currently specialises in budget-priced cars, MG has plans to revisit the two-seater convertibles that made it famous. The company is currently developing a new sports car that’s set for release sometime before the end of the decade.


Most popular MG car models

Some car buyers are interested in MG’s current range of budget-priced vehicles while others are looking for classic MG sports cars. Here are four of the most popular MGs – two new, two older:


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Want to know more about MG?

  • To view MG’s current range visit the company’s official website
  • The website allows you to locate your nearest MG dealership, book a test drive or order a brochure
  • You can also build your ideal MG, see the latest finance deals and view MG-approved used cars for sale in your area

Alternatively call Mazda’s contact centre telephone number on 0845 303 6464.


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