Short Term Car Insurance

With comprehensive policies available for a period of one to 28 days, depending on the type of vehicle you need to insure, you can choose the policy that fits your needs and select the duration you want from just one hour up to 28 days. Short Term Car Insurance gives you instant protection whilst driving with very little hassle - and what's more, if you need to make an insurance claim, there's no risk to your No Claims Bonus.

What does Short Term Insurance provide?

  • Immediate comprehensive cover.
  • Cover from one hour to 28 days (if you're over 18 and meet the necessary requirements).
  • No risk to your No Claims Bonus as Short Term cover is a separate policy.
  • An easy way to add another driver to your cover.
  • Student cover e.g. returning home from university for weeks or months.
  • Learner drivers.
  • Temporary driver cover e.g. to share driving on a holiday road trip.


Things you should know

Swinton act as an introducer to Temporary Cover Limited who will arrange your Short Term Insurance. If you click to get a quote, you will be directed to Temporary Cover Limited, who will arrange your quote and provide your short term insurance policy and their terms and conditions will therefore apply.

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What is Temporary or Short Term Car Insurance cover?

Short Term Car Insurance allows you to buy a temporary comprehensive Car Insurance policy for between one and 28 days. This type of cover is ideal when you need temporary cover for yourself, want to insure a learner driver or enable a young or inexperienced motorist to drive your vehicle.

How does Short Term Car Insurance cover work?

Short Term Car Insurance works by either making a temporary addition to an existing annual policy, or setting up a specialist stand-alone policy. A key driver in the selection of standalone Short Term Insurance cover is the protection of the No Claims Bonus record of more experienced motorists such as the parents of the young person to be insured.

How will Short Term Insurance impact my No Claims Bonus?

A separate temporary insurance policy will add no risk to your no claims as it’s a stand-alone policy not linked to your annual Car Insurance policy. If you have an accident whilst insured 

Can I get a Short Term Car Insurance policy?

Motorists over the age of 17 can get a Short Term Car Insurance policy but most insurers only offer temporary Car Insurance cover to drivers aged 21 and over. Short Term Insurance providers prefer motorists with clean driving licences and no previous convictions. If you have points on your licence you could still get a short term policy, but it may cost more.

Can I get a Short Term Car Insurance policy for one day?

You can get a one day only insurance policy if you only need to drive a vehicle for a single 24 hour period. Examples of when you may need a single day policy include:

  • Taking a vehicle out for a test drive
  • Driving on holiday (UK or abroad) for a single day
  • Being asked to drive another car at short notice

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