Home insurance : Claims

Step 1: Before you call

It'll help if you have the following items to hand:

  • Policy documents - Don’t worry if they’re not immediately to hand, we can still help you.
  • Police crime reference number (if applicable) - If your property is stolen or maliciously damaged you’ll need to inform the police who will give you a crime reference number.
  • Photos, receipts or recent valuations if you have them - For items such as jewellery or other high-value items.
  • Remember! Don’t throw away any damaged contents, the evidence of damage may be required for your claim.

If you have the additional Home Emergency cover and need to make a claim against that, please call 0800 072 5125.

Step 2: Contact your insurer

If you know who you have Home Insurance with you can contact them directly from the list of numbers below.

  • Ageas 0345 122 3019
  • Allianz 0345 073 1114
  • Aviva 0345 030 6945
  • Axa 0330 024 6842
  • Broker Direct 01204 600 346
  • Covea 0330 024 2255
  • Geo 01302 303 670
  • Integra 01274 700 810
  • LV 0800 202 8464
  • L&G 0370 900 5565
  • Modus 0344 856 3816
  • Ocaso 0207 377 8281
  • Prestige 08000 327 327
  • Pen Underwriting 03330 100 790

Get in touch

If you don't know the name of your insurer please check your policy documents. You can find these in your online account. If you can't find these please give us a call and we'll be happy to help.

0800 068 7974

Step 3: What happens when I need to make a claim?

Let's put it right

Your insurer will take details of the claim and authorise the repair or replacement of your damaged or lost items. They will instruct approved people to provide the repair and replacement services and where it’s needed, they will appoint approved assessors to undertake an inspection and give the go ahead for the work.

Some more questions answered…

Can I use my own repairer?

If your house is in need of repair work, always speak to your insurer to agree this before any work is undertaken as your insurer may refuse to agree any incurred costs.

What is a policy excess?

A policy excess is the amount of money you agreed to pay towards the cost of a claim when you first took out your policy. It’s usually made up of a compulsory and voluntary figure and may differ depending on claim type. 

You can find your excess amount in your home policy schedule on “My Account” or your insurer will be able to confirm what this is for you when you call.

Do I have to pay the excess?

Yes you will need to pay the excess that applies to the section of cover you are claiming under i.e. buildings or contents or both. The amount will be confirmed in your policy documents and your Swinton branch can confirm these for you as well.