No Place Like Home

Where is your forever home?

At Swinton we understand how important people’s homes and belongings are to them and as part of our No Place Like Home campaign, we polled 2,000 homeowners to find out what makes a forever home. 53% of homeowners in their forever home claimed that a house in the perfect location is their key requirement.

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What does your forever home look like? 

We know that moving home can be stressful. Our recent poll of 2,000 homeowners found that the average homeowner will have owned three properties by the time they reach the age of 65 and that nearly one in 10 homeowners will work their way through four other properties before finding their forever home.

We discovered that people would be willing to spend a staggering £335,066.04 on average for their forever home in the UK with the average person saving up for almost 10 years to get the cash they needed together.

Angela Bowden, Home Insurance Specialist for Swinton Insurance said: “Everyone has dreams of what their ‘forever home’ could look like or include.

“As we get older our families change, and our requirements in a home fluctuate – we need enough space for all of our kids to grow, but once they make their own way that space could be wasted.

 “This is what makes our property journeys so interesting, from our first tentative steps in property ownership, to finally owning the home we have always dreamed of.”

Watch our video to find out what happened when we took one couple back through their property journey to revisit the homes that they have owned and sold to finally secure their forever home.

What is it that makes your current house your forever home?

Almost two thirds (63%) of homeowners in their “forever home” say that their home having a garden is what makes it their forever home

This is followed by:

  • It is in the perfect location (53%)
  • It has a driveway (43%)
  • It has a lot of memories (43%)

Data taken from Swinton Insurance One Poll Study March 2019