Are the valuables in your shed protected from thieves?

What do you keep in your shed? Is it where you keep garden tools, your strimmer or other outdoor electrical appliances? Maybe you keep your bike in there? Whatever you store in your garden shed, chances are it will be precious to you. The average household keeps around £1,787 of valuables including DIY equipment, fishing gear and even musical instruments!

Some sheds contain goods worth substantially more with one in 10 households storing items worth more than £5,000 in the garden shed. Could you afford to replace your valuables if you are targeted by thieves?

While many sheds may be securely locked and bolted, they are still seen as being easier to break into than a house. As many of us use outbuildings as an extension of our homes; as a man cave, a workshop, playroom or gym, it’s easy to forget that the items in your shed may not be protected by your home and contents insurance.

If you keep a prized possession in your shed, you should declare the specific item to your insurer. The last thing you need is to lose thousands of pounds worth of possessions for the sake of a chat with your insurer.

Additional security measures, such as external lighting or a good lock could give you peace of mind. Also, removing valuables from view could deter opportunistic thieves from breaking in.

Take a look at our garden cover

Garden insurance covers what's in your garden against loss, damage and theft. It includes items you tend to leave out in the open, like garden furniture and children's outdoor toys. And it often includes damage and loss to your plants, trees and shrubs – including any damage caused by neighbours. 

What's covered with contents insurance?

As well as the growing trees, plants and shrubs in your garden, our contents insurance includes the loss or damage of:

  • Garden furniture
  • BBQs
  • Lawnmowers
  • Children's toys

The insurer will pay up £1,000 for Classic and £2,500 for Premier. 

What's covered with buildings insurance?

Our buildings insurance covers you if your garden is damaged by emergency services gaining access to your home or preventing damage to your home. 

To find out more about our garden cover on our home insurance page.