Home Legal Protection


Cover legal fees and costs for up to £100,000

Our Household Legal Expenses, provided by UK General Insurance Limited on behalf of Great Lakes Reinsurance UK (SE), covers up to £100,000 of legal and other costs if you need to take legal action. Here are some examples of situations we provide cover for:

  • A third party causes injury or death to you or your family who live with you.
  • If you encounter disputes when buying or selling your home.
  • Disputes over nuisance or trespass in regards your home.
  • A third party causes physical damage to your property.
  • Problems that arise from you buying, using, hiring or leasing any personal or private goods or services.
  • To defend your legal rights following problems with your employer - provided you aren’t self-employed or contracting.
  • To represent you in legal proceedings following an enquiry into your personal income tax position by HM Revenue and Customs.
  • We also pay the difference in your salary/or wages if you are summoned for jury service and the amount you are paid by the court or your employer does not match your actual salary/or wages you would have earned for that period.

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