Neos FAQs

You’ve reached this page as you are an existing Neos Home Insurance customer. As they are no longer providing Home Insurance, Neos have asked us to provide you with a quote for your insurance for the next year.

These FAQs were included in the letter Neos sent to advise that we would be providing a Home Insurance quote for you.

Questions and answers relating to the renewal of your Neos connected Home Insurance policy

Q: Why am I unable to renew my policy with Neos?
A: Neos has decided to focus exclusively on helping homeowners protect their property by providing connected technology. As result, we have decided to withdraw from the home insurance market and will no longer offer the Neos insurance product moving forward.

Q: Who are Swinton Insurance?
A: Swinton Insurance have been helping people protect the things that matter to them for over 60 years, and offer a wide range of insurance products, including car, home, motorbike, business and van, along with services such as breakdown cover.

Q: Where is my data going and what will it be used for?
A: Swinton Insurance will receive details of your current insurance policy from Neos, purely for the purpose of providing you with a new quote. If you prefer Swinton Insurance not to write to you with details of your quote, please let us know within 14 days of the date on the covering email and by clicking the enclosed link.

Q: Can you tell me more about the quotation search from a Credit Reference Agency?
A: This ensures some insurers and credit providers have the necessary facts to verify your identity, help prevent fraud, carry out risk profiling which allows them to calculate your premium and payment options and to assess whether credit is affordable. 

They may obtain information about you, any person named on your policy and your home from publicly available sources and trusted third parties when you ask for a quote, when preparing your renewal and sometimes if you change your cover and also in order to offer you a monthly credit payment option.

This may include a quotation search from a Credit Reference Agency which is used to assess creditworthiness including affordability of credit. This will appear on your credit report and will be visible to other credit providers. It will be clear it’s a quotation and not a credit application by you.

For more information about how your insurer will use this information, please visit policy. The identity of credit reference agency and the ways they use and share personal information are explained in more detail at You can also check the information they hold about you.

Q: What if my policy is cancelled before my renewal date?
A: If your policy is cancelled before your renewal date, Swinton insurance will not provide you with a quote unless the timing of the cancellation means that they have already prepared your paperwork.

Q: I have an outstanding claim, who do I need to contact in future?
A: Your ongoing claim(s) will not be transferred to Swinton Insurance. It will continue to be dealt with by your current insurer until it has been closed.

Q: If I need to report a new claim, who do I need to contact?
A: If the incident occurred prior to the renewal date of your policy, you should report your claim to Neos. If the incident occurred after your policy with Swinton Insurance commences, you should report it to Swinton Insurance using the details provided by them in your new policy pack.

Q: How will I continue to pay for my policy?
A: Swinton Insurance will contact you shortly with a new quote. Even if you currently pay for your policy with Neos by Direct Debit you will need to call Swinton to accept your quote and to arrange for payment of your policy. The new quote from Swinton Insurance will include information about alternative payment methods.

Q: What happens if I have previously told you that I would like my policy to automatically renew?
A: Even if you currently pay for your policy by monthly Direct Debit, you will still need to contact Swinton insurance to accept your quote and set up a new Direct Debit. The new quote from Swinton Insurance will include information about alternative payment methods.

Q: I currently pay for my policy by Direct Debit; what will happen to my monthly payments?
A: Swinton Insurance will send you a new quote together with a breakdown of the instalments, total cost of the direct debit plan, the rate of interest and the representative APR. If you are happy with the quote, you need to call Swinton Insurance to accept your quote and make arrangements to pay the premium.

Q: Policy cover – how will my policy be affected by this change?
A: We have selected Swinton Insurance on the basis that they will provide you with a similar level of cover as you have with us. A summary of the policy cover will be provided as part of your new quote and Swinton insurance will highlight any key differences in cover. It’s important to check these differences carefully – if there is anything else you need cover for then you may need to seek an alternative insurance policy for those elements of cover.

Q: What if I want to change my insurance cover?
A: If you want to make a change to your current policy prior to your renewal date you should contact Neos. However, if you wish to make a change effective on, or after your renewal date, you will need to contact Swinton Insurance. Their contact details will be included in the quote you receive from them. If you decide you do not want your details passed to Swinton Insurance, you will need to contact a new insurer to make alternative arrangements.

Q: What will happen to my connected smart devices such as the Neos SmartCam?
A: You will still be able to use your smart devices such as your Neos SmartCam and your other Smart Home technology in the same way you currently do. If you have any questions regarding your Smart Home technology or require any support, you will still be able to get in touch with a member of the technical support team via your Neos app.

Q: What happens if I do not accept the new quotation?
A: If you decide not to accept your quote from Swinton Insurance, you will need to make alternative arrangements to ensure your home remains insured, as the insurance currently provided by Neos will cease from your renewal date.