Turning insurance Nagging Doubt into nothing-to-worry about

‘Am I covered for this?’ ‘Will I be covered against that?’

At Swinton, we know that even after you take out insurance, most people aren’t really sure what they are covered for. So we’re here to make you feel more confident about your insurance.

That’s because we help you make sure you have the right cover, not just any cover. So if you want to remove the nagging doubt about your current insurance, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some common nagging doubts you could have…

1. What happens if my car is hit by an uninsured driver?

At Swinton, our Classic and Premier comprehensive Car Insurance policies include uninsured driver protection, which means that if you are unlucky enough to have your car hit by an uninsured driver you can recover your excess and protect your no claims bonus. Details of other driver and vehicle are required.

2. Clothes, carpet, computer… is it all covered?

Many people underestimate the value of their property, but our handy Home Contents Calculator can help you find the right level of cover.

3. I’ve lost my house keys. Who could get in?

Not knowing where your house keys are is frustrating, and can cause you a lot of worry: “Where did I leave them this time?”

Should the worst happen and you do lose your house keys, we offer lock and key replacement as standard.

Moving into a new home

If you have any other nagging doubts about your insurance, take a look at the helpful guides and videos we've created below, to clear up any confusion around common insurance queries.

As part of our ‘turn Nagging Doubt into nothing-to-worry about’ campaign we partnered with YouGov and researched the doubts causing sleepless nights for Brits.

Try our interactive nagging doubt map 

Turn Nagging Doubt into nothing-to-worry about, with Swinton.


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