Brits feel more confident flying solo than facing a first date

15th January 2018

Almost a third of Brits who make New Year’s resolutions (29%) cite ‘being more confident’ as their 2018 goal, according to a survey by UK high street insurance broker, Swinton Group.

Surprisingly, in the new research, more Brits admit to feeling confident in solo circumstances than they do in social situations.

Swinton’s survey found that almost three quarters of Brits (73%) feel confident travelling alone and nearly two thirds (63%) are confident doing things alone, like eating in a restaurant by themselves. But only a third (33%) feel the same about going on a first date, and just over half (52%) about attending parties.

Most people report feeling confident at work (87%), in their personal relationships (82%) and when managing their money (81%).

The online YouGov survey of more than 4,000 adults focused on finding out exactly what Brits feel confident about – and showed that, despite suffering from a lack of confidence with certain situations, just 8% have sought expert advice to help (excluding counselling).

Anne Kirk, marketing director at Swinton Group, said: “Confidence is something we all strive to achieve. Yet our research reveals there are certain situations Brits would rather avoid, than tackle head on in a bid to gradually build their confidence. While it’s encouraging to see the vast majority of Brits feeling confident with their personal finances, there are other areas that people are struggling with.

“The New Year is prime time to set objectives and plans for the year ahead, so we’ve teamed up with confidence expert Gill Hasson to give her top tips on boosting confidence and tackling doubts.”

The research revealed the most common tactics people use when looking to boost confidence. Just under a third (32%) have changed their image (e.g. haircut, clothes, etc.), three in ten (29%) have turned to friends for advice, almost a quarter (23%) have spoken to family and 13% have spoken to a counsellor. Those in their 20s are more likely to turn to their friends than those in their 50s (39% vs 24%), and those in their 20s are also most likely to change their image (46%).

Across the country, Londoners are most likely to say they are confidence (71%) whereas the North East has the least confident residents (61%). It seems confidence develops with age, with only just over half (54%) of those in their 20s saying they feel confident, versus 63% of respondents in their 40s and almost 78% in their 60s. 

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