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Moped insurance from Swinton

Mopeds remain a popular choice for riders young and old. You can ride them from the age of 16 and they’re a great, economical way to travel. But whether you're a new or experienced rider, or even just a serious 50cc bike enthusiast, you'll know how hard it is to find good moped insurance. 

As we have access to a panel of UK bike insurers, we're able to compare a range of quotes to give you the lowest price we get back from them - even if you're a new or young rider with zero no-claims bonus.

Whether your moped is geared or 'twist and go', classic or imported, our specialist bike team can find a policy for you - trust us, with thousands of bikers using us each year, we’ve probably seen them all!

We cover a wide range of mopeds including:

  • Classic (pre-1990)
  • Import
  • Sports/off-road/commuter
  • Twist & go 
  • Geared

We always work hard to find great deals for our customers, so why not see if we can help you.

Why choose Swinton for your Bike Insurance policy?

At Swinton, our dedicated Bike Insurance team will help you find the best deal, by comparing quotes from a panel of motorcycle insurers. We'll give you the lowest price we get back from them for a range of motorbike makes and models.

  • We'll compare quotes from a panel of specially-selected UK motorbike insurers
  • All of our Bike Insurance policies come with at least 30 days European Cover as standard
  • Cover up to four motorbikes on one Multi-bike Insurance policy

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Call us now on: 0800 092 6702  or get a quote online