Motorcycle Breakdown Cover

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Motorcycle Breakdown Cover from Swinton

As a motorcyclist, there's no better feeling than taking your bike out on the open road, and a breakdown is the last thing you want to be thinking about when you're enjoying the great outdoors.

At Swinton, we want to help you feel confident and reassured while you're out riding your motorcycle, and whether your bike breaks down due to a puncture, a flat battery or a blown head gasket, Swinton's Motorcycle Breakdown Cover provides a number of different options:

  • Our UK & Home policy covers you for any motorbike breakdowns within the UK, including those that happen within a quarter of a mile of your home.
  • We also offer a combined UK, Home & European policy, which extends the above cover to bike breakdowns that happen in Europe.

Type of breakdown recovery cover

Key benefits

Local, UK and Home Local, UK, Home and Europe

Covers the bike no matter who's riding

No call out charges

Roadside mechanic

Recovery to a nearby garage

Recovery to your destination

Cover at home

Onward travel options

European roadside mechanic

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Things you should know

  • For UK, Home and Europe Recovery,  Motorcycle Breakdown Cover starts after 24 hours. Local recovery starts immediately.
  • The cost of replacement fuel or spare parts is not covered. 
  • Policy underwritten by Inter Partner SA UK Branch Assistance which is fully owned by the AXA Assistance Group.

Why choose Swinton for your Bike Insurance policy?

At Swinton, our dedicated Bike Insurance team will help you find the best deal, by comparing quotes from a panel of motorcycle insurers. We'll give you the lowest price we get back from them for a range of motorbike makes and models.

  • We'll compare quotes from a panel of specially-selected UK motorbike insurers
  • European cover included as standard - up to 90 days per year and 30 days per trip
  • Cover up to four motorbikes on one Multi-bike Insurance policy

What to do if your motorbike breaks down

Swinton knows just how stressful it is to break down in any vehicle, but breaking down while riding your motorbike can be particularly distressing. Should the weather take a turn for the worse, you won't have any shelter as you would in a car, and you won't be able to replace a burst tyre with a spare.

It can be a scary experience that leaves you feeling quite vulnerable, so as well as ensuring you have the right Motorcycle Breakdown Cover for your needs, make sure you prepare yourself with our confidence-boosting tips:

  • Stay calm and pull over to a safe place.
  • Call your breakdown provider to get help.
  • Ensure you stay visible to other road users.

Read our full guide to preparing for a bike breakdown.

Make a claim

24 Hour Emergency Breakdown Helpline

To obtain emergency assistance, contact the 24 Hour Emergency Breakdown Helpline using the details below:

If your vehicle has broken down in the UK:

Call 0333 035 9367

If you are in the EU:

Call +44 333 035 9367

To request assistance online visit:

Call us now on: 0333 035 9480 to get a quote.