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Scooter insurance from Swinton

It doesn't matter whether you're a young rider or a bit older in the tooth, there's very little to compare to the feeling of independence that goes hand in hand with riding a scooter. But owning one isn't all fun - finding good scooter insurance can be a real problem, especially if you're a new or young rider.

With access to a panel of UK insurers and a range of scooter policies, our specialist team always work hard to find our customers a great deal.

From retro and classic scooters to imports and maxi-scooters, we can find a policy for you - even if you have zero no-claims bonus or haven’t got your full compulsory basic training (CBT). 

We cover a wide range of scooters including:

  • Retro (e.g. Vespa, Lambretta)
  • Classic (pre-1990 scooters)
  • Import 
  • Maxi-scooter (250cc-plus scooters)

It takes a matter of minutes to find out your quote, so why not challenge us to find you a great deal for your scooter today.


Why choose us for your Motorbike Insurance?

  • We’ll compare quotes from a panel of specially selected UK motorbike insurers.
  • All our bike policies come with at least 30 days European cover as standard.
  • Cover up to four motorbikes on one multi-bike policy.

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Call us now on: 0800 092 6702  or get a quote online