Don’t let autumn leave you cold with car care

Here in the UK we have one of the most beautiful autumns in the world as leaves turn from verdant green to vibrant red and gold. But it can also be rainy and cold, making it an unappealing time to care for your car.

Car cornering a road

Taking a few hours a month to look after your car can remove any nagging doubts over cleaning and maintenance as the weather takes a turn for the worse. 

Tips to help you look after your car

Those falling leaves and natural debris like grit and bird droppings can cause small scratches on your paintwork, especially if you plan to do lots of miles at this time of year.  The dirtier your car gets, the more abrasions it’ll have. A wash and protective wax can make your paintwork shine and protect your car’s bodywork from unnecessary damage. But your car’s looks are just the tip of the iceberg – how it drives in the autumn weather is as important.

Check the wipers

Make sure they can wipe away water and grime quickly and efficiently.

Stock up on supplies

It's a good idea to be winter ready even in autumn by keeping cloths and anti-freeze in the car. A cold snap could slow you down if Jack Frost pays an early visit and you're far from home.

Move your annual service date

Autumn is a good time to get your brake pads, tyres, oil levels and other vital components maintained. Having sharp, roadworthy brakes backed up by tyres with a decent tread are crucial when slippery leaves are on the roads. 

Avoid temperature changes

By keeping your car parked in the shade or in a garage you can avoid temperature changes that might affect the performance of your car. It also protects the bodywork from the elements. If you don't have a garage, avoid parking it under trees, which may drip sap or shed leaves.

Look after the inside

If you care for the outside, keep tabs on the inside too. Give carpets and upholstery a brush or vacuum to keep them free of dirt and salt that can cause damage and discolouration.

Happy motoring!