Car hire in Italy

What are the benefits of hiring a car in Italy?

Italy is a nation famed for fantastic motors and it’s also blessed with some stunning drives, making hiring a car an option well worth considering. Although Italy has something of a reputation for having its fair share of slightly wild drivers, there’s no doubt using a car is a really convenient way to get around and see more of the country.

If you’re thinking about hiring a car, you’ll find plenty of reputable firms to choose from, such as Europcar but before you do, here are four things to think about to help you avoid paying more than you need to:




1. Book in advance

Do a little research in advance to see which companies serve the area you’re heading to and find out what you get for the price. It could help you find a better deal and will put you one step closer to enjoying your break.


2. Check the fuel policy

It’s always a good idea to know exactly what you’re paying for. One thing you could easily miss is firms offering full-to-empty fuel policies, meaning you pay for a full tank of petrol upfront. If you don’t use much of the fuel this is unlikely to represent good value for money, so keep a look out for that and be sure to take the time to read the terms and conditions carefully.


3. Check for damage

Bumps and scrapes can happen in cars but if someone asked you to pay for damage you hadn’t caused, you understandably wouldn’t be happy. For this reason it’s essential you take a close look at the vehicle you’ve been provided, and ensure all damage (even minor) is noted down on the paperwork before you drive away. To avoid the headache of disputing damage later, it’s worth taking the extra few minutes to give the car a thorough check of your own.


4. Pack any extras you need

An easy way to save money on car hire could be to take your own extras (such as satnavs and child seats) with you. Hiring extras can be convenient if you don’t have something, or have simply forgotten to pack it, but remember it will add to the cost.


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