Binge-watch our movie top ten this Hallow-scream!

This is the month horror movie fans have been waiting for all year. With Halloween round the corner, TV channels and cinemas are rolling out the scariest titles to chill your blood and tingle your spine. But which ones will you ‘unsettle’ down to watch? We’ve narrowed down our favourites based on the number of jumps, bumps and ‘leave the light on’ moments.

Scared couple watching TV

It, rated 15 (2017)

Remakes often have a lot to live up to. Tim Curry's grisly clown, Pennywise has big scary shoes to fill – quite literally. It 2017 is certainly worth a trip to the cinema – even the over-priced popcorn is worth buying as this fright-buster promises a journey into disturbia that will pop a shake in the shoes of even the most hardened horror hunters.

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Annabelle: Creation, rated 15 (2017)

Part of a selection of popular and excitingly chilling horrors based on the adventures of real-life paranormal investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, (The Conjuring, The Haunting in Connecticut), Annabelle: Creation is based on a haunted doll. No ordinary piece of plastic, this demonic doll actually resides in the Warrens' US Occult Museum that is, (wait for it) in their home! OK, some of this film is smirk-tastic in places, but as far as entertainment goes it gets a heart-beatingly big thumbs up.

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The Babadook, rated 15 (2014)

Creepy. Disturbing. Sad. If you were a kid who was scared of monsters under the bed or bogeymen in your wardrobe, this will bring memories of your happy childhood bedtimes flooding back. The Babadook is worth a watch if you like to hold your breath for long periods and enjoy clutching pillows and cushions as you watch. It will grip you from start to finish.

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The Shining, rated 18 (1980)

"Here's Johnny!" The brilliant Jack Nicholson's portrayal of a man descending into madness to the terror of his isolated family as they look after a remote hotel is a horror classic. Always worth a watch, this film will be in pride of place in any horror lover's top ten. It's almost TV law to show this work of cinematic art in October so keep your eye on the listings if you don't have it in your private collection.

Insidious, rated 15 (2010)

This is a scary film so be warned if you're looking for something to watch while everyone else is out or you're home alone! It was a box office hit when it was in the cinemas and is part of a new wave of mainstream horror, including 'Sinister' and 'The Conjuring'. If you think you might get them mixed up, Insidious is the one with the creepy astral-travelling kid, the scary old witch ghost and a demon hiding behind the Big Red Door.

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Hush, rated 15 (2016)

This home-invasion horror doesn't let up from the word go! You are yelling, nay screaming 'e's behind you!' at the poor woman who is unaware of the psychopath watching her every move. One problem. The woman is deaf so she couldn't hear you even if she wasn't the number one sitting duck in a film. So if you need a manicure this Halloween – here's a real nail-biter.

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“Here’s Johnny!” The brilliant Jack Nicholson’s portrayal of a man descending into madness to the terror of his isolated family as they look after a remote hotel is a horror classic

An American Werewolf in London, rated R (1981)

A shape-changing chiller that has defied the test of time. It might be overdone in places but it led the way for never-before-seen cinematic special effects. Remember, this horror-comedy came out when Apple was still a fruit. An amazing film that is fast-paced, entertaining, funny and horrific in equal measure. If you've seen it before, you'll want to see it again.

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The Wicker Man, rated R (1973)

Edward Woodward stars as the Christian policeman who investigates the disappearance of a young girl and the seemingly-associated heathen activities in a remote Scottish village. The policeman is thwarted by, yet uncomfortably attracted to the sinister villagers who turn his earnest investigations into a beguiling game of cat and mouse. A good versus evil tale of Gods and men. Watch out for it in small art-house cinemas and on late-night TV.

The Others, PG-13 (2001)

If you're afraid of the dark, best to steer clear of this old-fashioned ghost story in which Nicole Kidman plays the isolated mother of two creepy children with a genetic sensitivity to sunlight. It's hard to believe this slick, clever film isn't a new release but it isn't and that's why it's available to watch on Netflix. Switch the light off and enjoy.

On Netflix.

Woman In Black, PG-13 (2012)

This is the tale of a boy wizard who grows up to scare the life out of us. Arthur Kipps is a lawyer who oversees the sale of a creepy old house in the middle of nowhere. The locals regard the coastal mansion with superstitious suspicion. It's not long before a series of deaths lead Kipps to suspect the presence of an otherworldly force. This is a modern masterpiece and worth another look on the creepiest night of the year.

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