Watch out for vulnerable road users

You might consider road users to include bikes, cars or lorries but there are some others that need thinking about when you are riding around.

These include pedestrians, cyclists, mobility scooter drivers and animals – categories you may not have thought about before. To help both them, and you, enjoy a safe journey along the UK’s busy roads, here’s some tips.


We realise that for motorbike riders it can sometimes feel like traffic lights at pedestrian crossings last for ever, and quite often you’re up close and personal with them as they cross if you’re at the front of the queue.

But remember that as a pedestrian it can be intimidating to have a thumping great bike revving away near you as you cross a road, and even more concerning when you’re walking across on a green light and a bike races up to the white line.

Give people the time and space they need to use the road, particularly pedestrians or wheelchair users with restricted mobility.

And be careful when it’s raining. Not because you and the pedestrians are getting wet, but because pedestrians often run across roads without looking in a bid to stay out of the downfall.


Your pedal-powered counterparts need as much space on the road as you do, but they are a lot more vulnerable. Give them plenty of thought when you’re turning or speeding up.

Of course, they go much more slowly than you and on busy city streets they can seem frustrating. Be patient.

They may have two wheels, but they are much more likely to wobble around as they navigate rough or slippery road surfaces and battle strong winds. Give them a wide berth – a few seconds delay is better than a lifetime of regret.


Mobility scooters

Remember who the people are likely to be driving them, including those with restricted movement or impaired hearing as well as vision. Give them lots of space and time and don’t assume their direction of travel.


Many animals find motorbikes, which tend to be nosier than cars, alarming so you need to be extra careful around them. And because you’re not in a car, you’re more vulnerable too. When you’re near horses, sheep or cows, for example, keep your revs low and ideally stop to let them pass by.

Other bike riders

You might not consider other bike riders to be vulnerable road users, but they can be. Other motorcyclists can be difficult to spot particularly if they’re hidden from view by a pillar or blotted out by the sun. And remember that, when filtering there may be others coming the other doing the same as you.

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