South East - A259

Road: A259 - Where: Near Bexhill, East Sussex

It starts at Pevensey outside Eastbourne and runs east firstly through countryside before turning towards the sea, passing Bexhill and then joining the seafront at Hastings.

Why do it?

It’s an eye-catching mix of open road and gentile seaside towns.

Where does it go?

It kicks off at Pevensey Roundabout where there’s a Starbucks, and then arcs to the left in slow sweeps with countryside on either side including the Pevensey Levels.

This can be a busy and fast road; it’s the only way for locals to get between Hasting and Eastbourne. But on the plus side in this section there are only a handful of side roads from which cars can emerge.

The A259 then does a dramatic sweep to the right – so avoid overtaking here. It then climbs a hill and executives a tight left hand turn before wiggling along for a mile or so as the outskirts of Bexhill gets more suburban, busier and heavily populated.

You then arrive at the busy Wheatsheaf roundabout after which it’s on past the church and up the hill. The road then does a sharp right on which there’s a left-hand side road junction, and past the sign to the town centre. Carry on, and after the first lights in a long time, it’s a dual carriageway along King Offa Way, back out into open countryside before diving into Hastings and, after a mile or more, the seafront.

What to watch out for?

The A259 also features sudden switches between open rural road and more suburban ones.

Top tip: There are several sudden bends to the right and left on this road. When biking on a hairpin road, it’s important that you slow down on approach, and keep in contact with your brakes.


IAM RoadSmart

IAM RoadSmart is the UK's leading road safety charity and advocate, helping to improve driving and riding skills through courses and coaching. It achieves this through a national network of qualified instructors and experts, as well as an army of volunteers organised into 200 local groups.


The Swinton View on Riding the A259

Although motorcyclists make up just one per cent of road traffic, they account for nearly one in every five road-user deaths. Because you’re more vulnerable on the road riding a motorbike, it’s hugely important you take every precaution to stay safe.

Wear the right safety gear, know your route, plan for the weather, and give yourself plenty of time to finish your ride without rushing. It’s also vital that you’re fully insured and that your motorbike insurance policy covers everything you need it to. Enjoy the ride!

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