Are you a nice neighbour?

In light of our recent Good Neighbour Championships, we're asking the age-old question, are you a nice neighbour?

For years, we've been told to 'love thy neighbour', but how many of us have really made the effort to get to know those who live next door? We're all too quick to judge and make comments about loud music, barking dogs and endless barbeques, but what about the nice things they do for us?

Forget about the six-foot high fence for a second, and think back to a time when you were pleasantly surprised by a neighbour's good deed. Or even better, when you did something nice for someone else! Struggling? Here's what we think makes a nice neighbour:

Home security

For us, nice neighbours are those who make going on holiday that much sweeter. No matter what home insurance you have, it's always a relief to know that a good friend is keeping an eye on your house whilst you're on vacation. And what better person to do it than those living just metres away? Ensuring that no pesky thieves get their hands of your treasured possessions, it's well worth being a nice neighbour.

Fairy godmother

Similar to the previous point, it pays to be pleasant to people, as they might - just might - take care of those day to day errands you can't attend to. Perhaps you work every hour of the day and haven't got the time to keep those petunias looking pretty. Well, that's where a nice neighbour steps in. From treating your plants to some TLC and taking the bins out, to looking after your post and accepting deliveries, neighbours can sometimes be the fairy godmother you always wanted.

Party pals

That's right, one of the perks of having nice neighbours is the return of street parties. Some might say they're so 1950s, but not us; we love a good street shindig. A phenomenon relived during 2011's Royal Wedding, these social events saw communities come together and enjoy each other's company for a welcomed change.

So next time you decide to have a barbeque, instead of turning those 80s power ballads up loud enough to deafen a nation, think about those on the other side of the fence and invite them along. You don't know what you're missing!


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