Moving must-knows: The UK's nicest neighbourhoods

When it comes to finding the perfect home, there are a few finer details that potential movers like to be aware of. From the quality of schools to the proximity of local amenities, it's not uncommon for the list of 'must-knows' to become quite extensive.

An important aspect for those moving to a new area is to know what the neighbourhood is like. Is it nice, friendly, are the neighbours welcoming? Well, panic no more, as we've done all the hard work for you. Thanks to our recent Good Neighbour Championships, you've got all the information you need to find the best neighbourhood for you.

Here are the locations that topped the bill in our Good Neighbour Championships:


A quintessentially Welsh town situated in the north of the country, Wrexham swept the board at our regional championships. That's right, it's safe to say that Wrexham isn't just a pretty face. It's home to some of the friendliest folk in the UK!

According to the survey we conducted, a staggering 100% of residents within the town like their neighbours, and 67% would trust their neighbour with a key to their house. At least you know your home's in safe hands when living in Wrexham.


These days, many often comment that communities aren't what they used to be. Rewind thirty years and 'everybody knew everybody'; you could always rely on a good neighbour in times of need. Is this a sentiment that you miss within the present day? Then we suggest moving to Gloucester.

Located close to the Welsh border, this area of England is often complemented for its beautiful scenery. However, another string to Gloucester's bow is its friendliness. In fact, 70% of people within Gloucester think it's important to get on with and speak to their neighbours. Clearly there are a lot of nice neighbours in this town!


The greatest quality to find in a neighbour is someone who's always willing to help. Whether that's by looking after your home when you're abroad or assisting with DIY nightmares, it's good to know that you've the extra support. This is where the people of Wolverhampton step in. With an incredible 88% of the city saying that they'd help out if their neighbours needed it, a problem shared is always a problem halved in Wolverhampton!

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