The top three neighbours everyone loves

There are certain characteristics we tend to look for in a good neighbour. If they tick the right boxes, they're considerate, friendly and have a necessary appreciation for silence. Perfect. However, there are a select few that exceed the average, run of the mill 'good' neighbour. And we like to call them the Super Neighbour.

These individuals are hard to find. They're the odd gem that appear once in a blue moon. Sometimes they move in unexpectedly, other times they're there to welcome you with open arms. But what is it that makes these people such a dream to live next to?

We're celebrating the star qualities that make an excellent neighbour.

Here are the three personalities that top the bill:

The Spy

Now, don't get us wrong, nobody likes a nosy neighbour; the twitchy curtains, prying eyes and inappropriate questions. The type of 'spy' we're talking about are the good guys; the ones who ensure your home is well protected when you're not there.

These are the people who help without asking. They ensure everything runs smoothly when you're on holiday, look after the garden when you're at work and accept post deliveries on your behalf, no questions asked. Everyone can benefit from this type of neighbour.

The Mum

Similar to the spy, mumsy neighbours always have your best interests at heart. They're the lovely lot that host the tastiest barbeques, have the best stories to tell and always have a brew ready in times of need. Locked out of your home, in the rain, without a phone? They're there.

The Handy Man

The Handy Man, as you can imagine, is your classic 'dad' neighbour. He's the one whose office is his shed, owns every garden tool under the sun and has the answer to any DIY SOS. Need a ladder? He's got one. Problem with the sink? He's happy to help. Puzzled by an IKEA flat pack? He's already assembled it. There are just no ends to this individual's talents; a much needed knight in shining armour if you're DIY clueless.

So these are our top three neighbours; what's your verdict?

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