Burglary - getting the cover that’s right for you

Taking a few simple steps to protect yourself from burglars will make your home less likely to be broken into and you and your family will feel safer.

If you take the right security measures, your insurance premiums may also be a little cheaper.

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Did You Know?

Almost six out of every 10 households burgled in 2014 did not have basic security measures in place. Basic security is defined as locks on windows and deadlocks, or equivalent approved systems on doors.


Here’s a list of things insurers may consider when setting your premium. It’s a good idea to check whether they apply to you and be sure to tell your insurer if they do. Some of them may be required before you can get insured, while others could help bring your premium down.

Are your outer doors and windows fitted with approved locks?

Approved locks symbolApproved locks are normally 5-lever mortice deadlocks - check they say ‘5-lever’ somewhere on them. Or, if you have white PVC doors, a locking system approved to the standard BS3621. Check for this symbol.

Do you have a burglar alarm?

Some insurers may offer a lower premium if you have an approved alarm system fitted, and some may not pay out if you do not use it - different insurers have different requirements, so be sure to check your policy. Most burglar alarms are 'audible only', and simply make a noise or sound a siren when an intruder breaks in. Others will also send a notification to a security company, who can then alert the authorities.

Do you keep your valuables in a safe?

If you have high-value items, such as expensive jewellery or watches, consider keeping them under lock and key to keep them protected in the event of a break-in.

Is your home mostly occupied during the day?

Whether you’re retired, working from home or looking after a family, let your insurer know.

Remember to use the security measures you have in place, as some insurers will not pay out if you do not use them.

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