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Storm warnings - what do they mean?




Yellow: Be Aware

What to expect

  • Branches and small trees may be blown down
  • High-sided vehicles will be vulnerable on the roads

What to do

  • Keep an eye on the weather forecast and bear in mind that it might get worse in the days ahead
  • You might want to put off that walk, bike ride or football you had planned

Amber: Be Prepared

What to expect

  • More widespread fallen trees
  • Debris such as slates dislodged from roofs
  • Travel disruption such as closed bridges
  • Possible power cuts

What to do

  • Make plans in case you can't get to work or other commitments
  • If you'd planned to make a long trip in the car, postpone it if you can and do something closer to home.

Red: Take Action

What to expect

  • Widespread structural damage to homes such as roofs and chimneys.

What to do

  • Expect severe disruptions to power supplies, telephone lines and travel.
  • Plan to stay indoors during the storm - take the chance to stay at home and put your feet up with a good book or film.

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