Tips to keep your home secure from the inside

Hopefully we can help you to make your home a little more secure from the inside

As part of our ‘Home How To’ video series we have created a handy guide to keeping your home secure from the inside.


External doors should have really secure locks such as cylinder locks, five lever mortice locks and pick resistant locks.

Locks should be certified to British Standard BS3621.

External doors should be at least 45mm thick. Make sure the frame is solid too, with good strong hinges.

You could also invest in  a spyhole, a door chain or bolt and don’t leave spare keys in really obvious places. 


Double glazed windows  are recommended as they are hard to break. They should come fitted with key operated window locks.

If double glazed is not an option, laminated glass, a type of safety glass that holds together when shattered, is an improvement.

If you do have single glazed windows consider getting them replaced or as a cheaper option fit key operated window locks


If you can make it seem like someone is home, you’re on to a good thing. Light switch timers or audio devices with schedule-able timers work a treat.


If you’re going away, mow the lawn just before you leave. Keep the window cleaner appointment. Signs of activity are all good.


Ask a neighbour to pick up mail or newspapers, and generally keep an eye on your property. You can even start a neighbourhood watch.


Try not to advertise your absence. Sharing too much information on social media sites such as Facebook or Twitter can give the game away.


If you’ve bought a new house, consider getting the locks changed. And find ways to keep valuables out of sight. Whether it’s net curtains, blinds, rearranging the layout of your house or just good storage.

Hopefully we’ve helped you to make your home a little more secure from the inside, but if you need any more tips from our ‘Home How To’ series, you can find them by visiting


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