What to do if your property is burgled

Thinking about being burgled isn’t pleasant, but if you're ever unfortunate enough to have to deal with this situation, you’ll want to get things back to normal as soon as possible. Knowing the best course of action to take can help to reduce the risk of even more problems occurring, so here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Contact the police

It’s essential to call the police as soon as you can and if you’re unsure about whether the burglary is still taking place, wait until they arrive before entering. On arrival they’ll ask for a statement, so it’s useful to give them any details you feel might prove useful. If you can, tell them anything you’ve noticed damaged or missing, where the property was entered and so on. Photographs can also prove useful, particularly if entry has been forced. Be sure to get a crime reference number, as this will prove useful later.

Put together a list of missing items

Take a good look around your home to note down anything that has been damaged or stolen. Including details such as serial numbers, identifying features or the name of the model can help police to track down the items and prove useful when contacting your insurance company to make a claim. Remember, if you think any personal details (such as bank accounts) might be at risk, contact the appropriate companies.

Make your claim as easy as possible

If you can prove ownership of an item it’s likely to be that much easier to process a home insurance claim. Remote controls, instruction manuals and packaging are all worth gathering. Give the insurer your crime reference number and keep them up to date if the police manage to retrieve any of your stolen items.

Improve security

Whether you’ve been burgled, or simply want to minimise the chances of it ever happening to you, it’s well worth taking the time to assess how secure your property is. One of the best deterrents to would-be crooks is a burglar alarm by a reputable brand. However, it’s essential you set this whenever you’re out of the house and before going to bed at night.

Make life as difficult as possible for potential intruders by locking windows and doors (even when you’re at home) and keep valuables out of sight. Of course, if you’ve already been burgled you might want to address a specific weak point immediately.

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