Minibus and MPV Insurance

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Taxi cover for your MPV or minibus

Whether you're driving a minibus or MPV, there is a big responsibility attached to carrying large groups of passengers in your vehicle. Finding an insurance company that properly appreciates your needs and the risks associated can take time, so let Swinton do the work for you.

Our dedicated taxi division will work with our taxi insurers who provide quotes for minibus or MPV cover to give you the lowest price we get back from them.

We can also provide optional separate Taxi Liability Cover which can be bought with your policy.

How we can help

  • Discounts available for drivers with previous fleet experience
  • 24-hour UK-based taxi claims service

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Minibus and MPV Insurance

You’ll likely be using your minibus or MPV for airport transfers, parties or weddings, so on top of the usual pressures of being a taxi driver, as a minibus and MPV driver there is a bigger responsibility due to you carrying a higher number of passengers.

Increased passengers means there is an increased risk, so it’s imperative that you find the right Minibus and MPV Insurance to suit your needs.

What’s the difference between a minibus and a coach?

If a vehicle has over 16 seats, it is normally classed a coach, while a vehicle with nine to 16 seats, including the driver’s seat, is usually classed as a minibus.

Do I need a different licence to drive a minibus?

You will normally need a PCV D1 or category D licence to drive a minibus, but note that there are exemptions – you’ll need to check these before you drive a large passenger-carrying vehicle.

Find the right insurance for your minibus or MPV

You’ll find that our specialist team will search for an insurer that includes all the cover you need.


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