Driver's Legal Protection

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Recover costs from an accident that wasn't your fault

If your van is involved in an accident, you may have to pay certain costs and expenses even if you weren't to blame.

Driver’s Legal Protection is available as an optional extra with our van insurance policies and will cover up to £100,000 towards legal expenses which you may incur if you have an accident that wasn’t your fault where there’s a responsible third party. The policy is Administered by Arc Legal on behalf of AmTrust Europe.

If you report the incident as soon as possible and your case has a reasonable chance of success, Driver’s Legal Protection cover could help you with recovering the below from the responsible third party:

 Cover up to £100,000 per claim 
 24 Hour Claims HelplineCall to discuss any accident and determine if it is covered by your legal protection
 Up to £100,000 in legal costs incurred in bringing a legal action against the at fault driver (3rd party) to recover uninsured losses
Uninsured losses include: loss of earnings if unable to work, compensation for personal injuries, medical cost, personal possessions if damaged in the accident, replacement vehicle hire and vehicle repair cost
 Any named Drivers on the policy are covered as are any passengers
 Covers accidents abroad that aren’t the fault of the customer
Countries covered: European Union, Andorra, Gibraltar, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino and Switzerland
 Motor Prosecution Defence
Cover legal cost against motor prosecutions such as speeding tickets and driving through red lights
 Motor Contract disputes
Covers disputes regarding the sale, purchase or hire of goods/services relating to customers vehicle, including the vehicle itself
 Vehicle Cloning
Provides legal cost to defend customers if another person or organisation uses their vehicle identity without their permission
 Motor Insurance Database disputes
Covers your legal cost should your vehicle be seized by the police due to vehicle not showing on Motor Insurance Database as the insurer has provided incorrect information. e.g registration number input incorrectly
 Pothole Damage
Cover to recover repair cost from local authority  for damage caused to vehicle by poorly maintained public road