Car Hire Excess Insurance

Protect your finances from costly excess charges on insurance for rental cars with a policy from Swinton.

Cover starts from £12.79

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Why choose insurance4carhire at Swinton

  • Up to £6,500 excess cover per year
  • Misfuelling and key cover included
  • Cover for drivers aged 21 to 84 inclusive
  • Covers up to 7 additional drivers
  • Courtesy car cover
  • Cover for drivers resident in the UK and the Isle of Man

What types of Car Hire Excess Insurance are there?

UK Car Hire Excess Insurance

Annual multi trip
from £46.99

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Even if you’re hiring a car in the UK, there’s always a risk that the unexpected could occur on familiar soil. Save yourself from excess charges of up to £6,500 on our single trip cover for up to 60 days, or annual multi-trip cover that’s valid for 12 months. Includes misfuelling, car key, and flat battery cover, each up to £500 per claim and to a maximum of £2,000 per policy period. Also provides cover for up to seven additional drivers.

Europe Car Hire Excess Insurance

Annual multi trip
from £46.99

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Planning on hiring a car in Europe? Don’t take a chance on expensive excess costs, our single trip and annual multi-trip Europe Car Hire Excess Insurance can be taken out 364 days in advance and will reimburse excess costs of up to £6,500. Provides cover for up to seven additional drivers as long as they’re named on the rental agreement.

Worldwide Car Hire Excess Insurance

Single trip & Annual multi trip
from £12.79

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Protect your finances wherever you’re planning to rent a car with our Worldwide Car Hire Excess Insurance. Whether you’re going on a single trip or need annual cover, you can claim back your excess from your insurer up to a total of £6,500. We’ll also provide cover for up to seven additional drivers named on the rental agreement.

What is a car hire ‘excess’?

If you hire a car and it’s damaged or stolen, you’ll be responsible for paying a certain amount towards repairing or replacing it. This is called an ‘excess’. There is a limit to how much car hire excess you’ll need to pay and the rest of the claim will be covered by the hire company’s cover.

Let’s say that a car hire agreement asks for an excess of £1,000, you have an accident and the price to repair the damage is £2,500. You’d need to pay the £1,000 excess fee and your rental firm would pay the remaining £1,500.

What is Car Hire Excess Insurance?

If you are liable to pay towards the damage on your rental car, taking out Car Hire Excess Insurance means that you’ll be able to claim back the excess cost.

While you’ll initially have to pay towards the claim, the excess insurance means that you’ll be reimbursed up to your maximum cover amount, which you’d otherwise not receive back.

Car Hire Excess Insurance is designed to protect you from pricey excess charges should you run into the unexpected.

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Frequently asked questions about Car Hire Excess Insurance

The amount of your car hire excess will vary depending on a few factors. These include the rental company, the type of vehicle you’re hiring, and where you’ll be driving the vehicle. 

If you’re worried about being able to pay towards a claim, having protection in place to reimburse your excess charges can be useful. Car Hire Excess Insurance with insurance4carhire at Swinton can help to put your mind at ease as we’ll reimburse excess costs of up to £6,500.

Travel insurance policies differ between providers and are designed to stand up against many of the risks that could take place while abroad. While it may offer cover for medical expenses, personal injury, and lost personal possessions, it might not cover hire car excess.

It’s always best to check with a travel insurance provider whether their policy covers car hire excess.

Usually, your car hire insurer will request that the excess is paid immediately at the start of a claim. They will then open an investigation to determine who was at fault for the damage.

Cases will vary, but you will most likely have to pay the excess for any damage – regardless of who was at fault. The excess may be waived if a third-party insurer takes liability for the damage, but this can be different across providers and by country. 

Car Hire Excess Insurance

Cover starts from £12.79