Multi Vehicle Drivers Legal Protection

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Protection against expensive legal costs

Whether your business has two cars or a fleet of trucks, the important thing is knowing you‘re sufficiently covered. So we offer multi-vehicle drivers legal protection to enhance your cover and further reduce your risk. 

Adding multi-vehicle drivers legal protection alongside your fleet insurance policy covers you against expensive legal fees if you or one of your drivers were ever involved in an accident deemed non-fault.  

Driver’s Legal Protection is available as an optional extra with our van insurance policies and will cover up to £100,000 towards legal expenses which you may incur if you have an accident that wasn’t your fault where there’s a responsible third party. The policy is Administered by Arc Legal on behalf of AmTrust Europe.

If you report the incident as soon as possible and your case has a reasonable chance of success, Driver’s Legal Protection cover could help you with recovering the below from the responsible third party:

  • Compensation for personal injuries or death.
  • Loss of earnings.
  • Refund of your excess.
  • Provision of replacement vehicle.
  • Direct access to dedicated legal specialists.
  • 24 hour legal helpline.

There is also up to £25,000 of legal costs cover for:


  • Motor prosecution defence – covers things such as speeding
  • Motor contract disputes – sale, purchase or car hire
  • Vehicle cloning – defending your legal rights if your vehicle is cloned
  • Pot hole damage recovery – recover cost of repairs
  • Motor Insurance Database disputes – if incorrect information is communicated

  • How we can help

  • Up to £100,000 cover for legal costs, for a non fault accident 
  • Refund of excess and provision of replacement vehicle if the incident is deemed not your fault
  • Direct access to dedicated legal specialists
  • 24 hour legal helpline.

  • Things you should know

  • You must report the incident to us as soon as possible, and your case must be deemed to have a reasonable chance of success
  • Multi Vehicle Drivers Legal is available as an optional separate policy, which can only be purchased with your fleet insurance policy.

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