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Trike insurance from Swinton

Maybe you've taken a fancy to one of those three wheeled scooters, you know, the ones with two wheels at the front such as a Vespa-Piaggio MP3 or maybe some other manufacturer built ‘scooter-based’ Trike. Something that can give you a similar thrill to riding a bike but with the added security of a bit more stability.

In any case, you don't ride a trike to blend into the background. You turn heads and get noticed wherever you go - and you wouldn't have it any other way. However, the least enjoyable part of owning a trike usually comes around insurance renewal time. Not every insurer is able to offer cover on such vehicles.

We always work hard to find suitable deals for our customers, so challenge us to find one for you.


Why choose Swinton for your Bike Insurance policy?

At Swinton, our dedicated Bike Insurance team will help you find a suitable deal, by comparing quotes from a panel of motorcycle insurers. We'll give you the lowest price we get back from them for a range of motorbike makes and models.

  • We'll compare quotes from a panel of specially-selected UK motorbike insurers
  • European cover included as standard - up to 90 days per year and 30 days per trip
  • Cover up to four motorbikes on one Multi-bike Insurance policy

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