Top 10 fitness apps to get you moving

20th November 2019

If you’re looking to app-ly yourself but need a little motivation, we’ve made a list of smart apps that’ll spur you on and help you get fit via your phone, whether you’re a workout beginner or full-time gym-goer.


Couch to 5K

Want to take up running, but not sure where to begin? Couch to 5K is a great place to start. The app does exactly what it says on the tin – it gets you off your sofa and fit enough to run a full 5K. The free nine-week program gives you a different workout per week, with three workouts for weeks five and six. Each workout should last 20-30 minutes.

There’s lots of perks to the app, too. As you train you’ll be motivated by virtual coaches to guide you through your week, there’s GPS so you can map out your route, a tool for calculating your progression and an in-app music player.

Find out more about the app by downloading weekly podcasts.

Free, iOS, Android

Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal

Exercising is important, but if you want to stay fit and healthy you should keep an eye on your diet too. With lots of high-fat and sugary foods out there, it’d be handy to track what you’re putting in your body.

That’s where Calorie Counter comes in. This helpful app logs your calories using a barcode scanner and stores the information in a database so you can keep an accurate count of what you’ve eaten. It helps take the stress out of weight loss.

Free, iOS, Android

Down Dog

If you’re looking for an exercise that focuses on to your flexibility, strength and your mental wellbeing, you should try Yoga. This ancient form of exercise is now commonplace in leisure centres, gyms, as well as handy apps for you to download.

There are many Yoga apps available, but we’ve picked Down Dog as our favourite. Not only is it cheaper than paying to go to a class, but you can go at your own pace and do it in the comfort of your own home. Every time you log in, Down Dog will create a brand new sequence for you, which keeps things fresh. Not to mention, you can get in the zone with your own relaxing playlist.

Free, iOS, Android


Strava is a popular choice amongst runners and cyclists, and we can see why.

The promotional video below sums the app up perfectly… ‘I like to run by myself but even when I do, I know I’m never alone’. Strava not only lets you track your running and cycling using GPS, it also allows you to share photos from your activities, follow your friends and take part in challenges.

The app has a fun leaderboard where you can compete with your friends, people in your area, and even yourself. So if you like to socialise when exercising, this could be the app for you.

Here are two videos that will give you more of an idea of what Strava is all about:



Free, iOS, Android

Charity Miles

What better reason is there to get fit, than to raise money for charity? With Charity Miles, you can improve your health and help a great cause. Simply choose from nine worthy charities and the app will track the distance you have run, walked or cycled, and donate a certain amount of money from their sponsors. Remember, to share your activity on Facebook or Twitter, otherwise it won’t count!

Follow their Twitter page for the latest updates and motivational posts.

Free, iOS


In essence, runKeeper is a GPS tracking tool. Whether you’re on a brisk walk or training for a marathon, the app monitors your performance, creates running routes and designs your own fitness plan. Runkeeper can also be used on fitness devices, such as Polar heart rate monitors, Fitbit trackers and Android Wear watches to measure your heart rate. Like most fitness apps, it can also play music for you to enjoy as you run.

Free, iOS, Android


Feeling unmotivated? Struggling to get-up-and-go? You need Fitocracy. The app combines tailored workouts, whether you’re a beginner needing support or have years of experience, with gaming elements to make fitness fun and engaging. From weightlifting or dancing, you can stay motivated by aiming to work your way up its reward system, winning points and competing with others.

The app calls itself the Social Fitness Network and will also invite you to join its vast gaming community. You can post and share your achievements or meet people who share the same goals – so you always have a fitness buddy.

Here’s a quick video for you to learn more about Fitocracy.

Free, iOS, Android

Workout Trainer

This app acts as your very own personal trainer – without the steep costs! Workout Trainer gives you thousands of exercises and training programs, all led by a virtual expert coach. The all-in-one app specialises in high intensity workouts, strength routines, yoga practices, and tough fitness challenges. You can also customise each workout for your ability, as well as watch handy instructional videos if you’re unsure of anything.

Plus, there’s a social aspect that you can get involved in and options to upgrade, but you will have to dip into your pocket.

Free, iOS, Android

Nike+ Training Club

Want to train like Olympian Shawn Johnson or Glee’s Lea Michele? Sign up to Nike+ Training Club for free and you can! The app offers workouts designed by professional athletes or celebrities, as well as 85 instructor-narrated fitness routines – so you can focus on the workout instead of your screen.

The app has three levels of difficulty, and focuses on strength, endurance and mobility. You can also stream it to your TV and unlock bonus regimes, recipes and fitness tips.

Free, iOS, Android

Daily Workouts

For a pocket-sized personal trainer, try Daily Workouts. The app has a whole catalogue of apps for different parts of your body for an all round workout.

The best thing about Daily Workouts is its on-screen instructions, so you know exactly what to do. It also has a timer set to the length of your workout intervals, so you don’t go over your limit. And it can do all this without an Internet connection!

Choose from almost 100 exercises, including Pilates and kettlebell workouts, which are grouped into targeted workouts or full-body workouts.

Free, iOS, Android

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