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What is Minibus Insurance?

Minibus Insurance is a type of specialist policy designed to cover you in case your minibus is involved in an accident. With Minibus Insurance, you can get compensation for damages from things like fire, theft and collisions by making a successful claim. Like Car Insurance, there are several different levels of cover to choose from, ranging from Third-party to Comprehensive.

What is classed as a minibus?

The DVLA classes minibuses as vehicles with between 9 and 16 seats. They weigh less than 3.5 tonnes and have surrounding windows (unlike a transit van, for example). 

Multi-purpose Vehicles (MPVs) are often misunderstood to be minibuses. However, they do not meet the seating requirements since they only carry a maximum of 7 passengers.

At Swinton, we’ll insure minibuses with up to 17 seats in total (including the driver). If you have less than 9 seats in your vehicle, you may need Car Insurance instead.

Why is there specialist insurance for minibuses?

A minibus is not classed as a car or a van. That means there are unique considerations insurers must make when drafting up a policy for a minibus as opposed to a standard Car Insurance or Van Insurance policy.

What types of Minibus Insurance are there?

Our Minibus Insurance policies are split into two different types:

  • Fare Paying — This policy is designed for those using a minibus for monetary reward, such as a taxi or an airport transfer service. Our Minibus Insurance goes a step further than standard Taxi Insurance in providing you with the cover you need for every passenger.
  • Non-fare Paying — Ideal for those using a minibus for one-off uses or providing a service with no direct monetary reward. Non-fare paying uses we can cover include:
    • Education, including schools, colleges and universities
    • Charities, community transport, voluntary organisations and youth groups
    • Nursing homes, care homes and residential homes
    • Places of worship and religious orders
    • Amateur sports clubs
    • Outdoor pursuits companies
    • Hotel/courtesy vehicles
    • Private individuals for social, domestic and pleasure use
    • Business use, including employee transportation

Whether you choose a Fare Paying or Non-fare Paying policy, you’ll be asked to select from the following levels of cover:

  • Comprehensive — The highest level of cover available. Comprehensive insurance pays out for damages to your minibus as well as those inflicted on another vehicle. 
  • Third-party Fire & Theft — Covers damage to the other vehicle if you’re involved in a collision. It also covers damages caused by fire and theft.
  • Fire & Theft — Covers fire damage and theft only.
  • Third-party Only — Only covers damage caused to another vehicle.
  • Accidental Damage Fire & Theft — Covers everything a Fire & Theft policy does but also includes damage you’ve inflicted to the vehicle by mistake, such as scratches to the paintwork or damage to the tyres.

Call us now to get a Minibus Insurance quote 0333 035 9531

What’s covered by Minibus Insurance?

With a Swinton Minibus Insurance policy, you can get the following: 

Included as standard:

  • Public Liability cover
  • Up to £1,000 cover for audio, visual, communication, guidance and tracking equipment
  • Up to £1,000 to cover replacement locks if your keys are lost or stolen
  • Cover for minibuses up to 17 seats (including the driver)
  • £200 cover for any child seat, child booster seat, pushchair, buggy or carry cot
  • £2,500 cover for any wheelchair
  • £1,000 for personal belongings

Additional cover options

  • Optional public liability cover for private and public hire operators
  • Personal accident cover for driver and passengers
  • Uninsured loss recovery available

Why choose Swinton for your Minibus Insurance?

There are several reasons why you should choose Swinton to insure your minibus:

  • We compare insurance quotes to help you find the right cover
  • Discounts available for drivers with previous fleet experience
  • A 24-hour UK-based claims service
  • Extensive cover options available for both commercial and private use

Minibus Insurance FAQs

How much does Minibus Insurance cost?

Minibuses typically cost more to insure than cars. The costs are higher because minibuses carry more passengers than cars (meaning a bigger liability payout if multiple claims are made) and they are more expensive to replace. 

How you use your minibus will also influence the cost of your insurance premium. If you’re using it frequently as a taxi, for example, you’re more likely to be involved in a collision than if your minibus is only on the road for the occasional holiday. Naturally, the former would be more expensive to insure.

What sort of licence is required to drive a minibus?

You’ll normally need a PCV D1 or category D licence to drive a minibus. However, there are some exemptions. You’ll need to check with your insurer before you drive a large passenger-carrying vehicle.

How old do I need to be to get Minibus Insurance?

We insure drivers aged 21 to 75 on our Swinton Minibus Insurance policies.

Who else can I include on my policy?

You can add multiple named drivers to your Minibus Insurance policy. Please note that this may affect the final cost of your insurance premium and that all named drivers will need a PCV D1 or category D licence.

Do I need Public Liability Insurance with my Minibus Insurance?

While it’s not a legal requirement, having Public Liability Insurance can provide you with extra peace of mind. It covers claims made against you if someone is injured while in your minibus, or even outside of it. Liability Insurance is worth considering if you regularly transport passengers.

What’s the difference between a minibus and a coach?

The difference between a minibus and a coach is that a vehicle with nine to 16 seats is normally classed as a minibus, while a vehicle with over 17 seats or more – including the driver’s seat – is usually referred to as a coach. Swinton can help you get an insurance policy for vehicles with 17 seats including the driver.

Can I get short-term Minibus Insurance?

We don’t currently offer short-term Minibus Insurance policies.

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