Is your home protected against school holiday havoc?

Our new research has revealed that parents may want to check the level of their home contents insurance cover. Bored children are being blamed for hundreds of pounds of damage every year, and the school holidays mean even more opportunities for mischief.

More than a third of parents who have claimed on their home insurance for damage caused by their children or their friends have had to do so at least twice. On average, £418 in total is claimed for damage caused by children in the home. 

The most common types of damage caused by kids are:

  • drawing on, painting or tearing wallpaper
  • smashing ornaments, vases, photo frames and crockery
  • spillages on carpets or floors
  • breaking windows and doors
  • damaging furniture and beds
  • breaking electrical items including TVs, laptops and games consoles

Kids in Northern Ireland appear to be the most destructive, causing an average of £615 worth of damage per claim, followed by children in London (£519) and the West Midlands (£477).

Dealing with the fallout from damage caused by children can be inconvenient, stressful and costly, but having the right level of contents insurance cover in place can make a real difference.

Some types of accidental damage are covered as standard by some contents insurance policies, but parents should check they know exactly what’s covered by their policy.

Adding extra accidental damage cover can help protect against all manner of mischievous mishaps and give parents extra peace of mind.

*One Poll conducted an online survey in February 2015 amongst 1,100 nationally representative UK adults that have children living at home with them.

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