Staying safe on bonfire night

The week surrounding bonfire night is always an exciting time of year and hundreds of displays are set to take place across the country this week.

However, with more than 990 accidents occurring on bonfire night in recent years, it’s vital that people protect both themselves and their properties.

Whether they’re hosting a party, visiting a local display or watching the fireworks from a window, there are a number of steps that people can take. Here, we share our top tips for staying safe on bonfire night.

fireworks exploding

1. Choose the correct fireworks

If you’re hosting your own firework party then choosing the correct fireworks is key. Not only do you have to consider the ones that will look the best, but it’s also important to choose fireworks that are the correct size for your garden and marked with the British Standard number BS7114.

It’s also essential to have a bucket of water or sand on hand for fireworks and sparklers, in case something does go wrong.

2. Leave plenty of space

When building your bonfire, space is key. Make sure that it’s far away from your house, any outbuildings and fences to ensure that your belongings are protected, and remember to stand well back! 

3. Bring garden furniture indoors

When you’re holding your own firework party make sure that you bring all unused garden furniture inside and away from the display. This will ensure that nothing gets damaged from any drifting embers from the fire. 

4. Protect your pets

Unfortunately animals don’t enjoy bonfire night as much as we do, and the loud noises can often scare and startle them. Bring them inside and shut all windows and doors.

It’s also recommended to close the curtains and turn the television up so that they are distracted from the noise.

5. Secure your home

It is thought that the period between Halloween and Bonfire Night is one of the worst times of the year for burglaries, so, even if you’re only popping into your garden for your own display, make sure that you lock all windows and doors.

If you’re visiting another display it’s important to secure your home before leaving. It’s also beneficial to leave a light on and draw the curtains, so it looks like someone is home.

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