Windscreen Cover

Cover for windscreen repair or replacement

Windscreen Cover is included in all of our Comprehensive car insurance options so you don’t have to buy it separately.


How we can help

  • Glass repairs free of charge.
  • 24 hour claims helpline.
  • Windscreen claims will not affect your No Claims Bonus.

Things you should know

  • Limited to £150 per incident on our Essentials option. There are no limits for Classic and Premier options.
  • Sunroofs are excluded.
  • For full cover to apply all repairs must be carried out by the insurers own supplier - if you choose not to use one of our approved glass repairers, a higher excess will apply as shown on your schedule, and we will limit the amount we pay under this section to £100 after you have paid the amount of your excess.
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Windscreen Cover is included in all of our Comprehensive car insurance options so you don’t have to buy it separately.

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Windscreen cover explained


A chip in your windscreen might seem like no big deal, but it can cause your car to fail its MOT and, left unattended, can quickly get worse.

Here’s a rundown on what you need to know about windscreen cover.

What is windscreen cover?

Windscreen cover means you are insured if your windscreen gets chipped or cracked and needs repairing or replacing.

With most policies you won’t have to pay for chip repairs, though with some you may have to pay a small excess charge.

If your windscreen needs replacing, you are likely to have to pay an excess, which can vary with different insurers.

Why do I need windscreen cover?

It’s sensible to have windscreen cover because even the most careful drivers can get a chip in their windscreen, through no fault of their own.

Depending on their size, chips can usually be fixed, but without insurance this can cost £60 or more.

Driving with a chip in your windscreen can be distracting, affecting your vision and making dazzle from the sun worse. And, if they are not repaired quickly, small chips can grow and crack until your entire windscreen needs replacing, which can cost hundreds of pounds in most cases.


Do I already have windscreen cover?

The good news is that comprehensive car insurance policies usually include windscreen cover as standard and will pay for a chip to be repaired with no excess charge. If you have comprehensive car insurance but are not sure if your policy includes windscreen cover, contact your insurer to check.

A third party, fire and theft policy is unlikely to include windscreen cover, so you are likely to have to take out separate windscreen cover, or upgrade your cover to comprehensive to be covered in the future.


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Will a windscreen repair affect my no-claims bonus?

With most insurers, windscreen repair claims do not affect your no-claims bonus.

What counts as windscreen damage?

An MOT tester can fail your car if the windscreen has any chips or cracks that are bigger than 1cm across and are in the driver's line of vision.

Damage can be up to 4cm in size if it is anywhere else in the area of your windscreen which is swept by the wiper blades.


What should I do if my windscreen is damaged?

If you have windscreen cover, call your insurance company. Most insurers will have a 24-hour telephone claim line and will be able to arrange for your windscreen to be repaired by an approved company in good time.

Before you call, make sure you have your policy documents to hand so you have all the information you need to get the claim settled.

If you don’t have windscreen cover, there are a number of reputable local and national companies that specialise in fixing windscreen chips and cracks.

Many have mobile technicians who can fix your windscreen at a time and location that is convenient for you.

The repair company will fill the chip with a clear resin that sets hard. The repair probably won’t be completely invisible, but it should be much less noticeable and will stop the damage getting any worse.


How can I protect my windscreen?

It is possible to get an adhesive clear film applied to your windscreen to protect it from flying stones that cause chips, though they can be expensive and need replacing every year or so, depending on how much you drive.

There are also changes you can make to the way you drive which can help make your windscreen less likely to suffer damage:

  • Driving too close to the vehicle in front can increase the chances of your windscreen being hit by flying stones thrown up by their tyres, so keep a sensible distance away.
  • Loose surfaces, like newly-laid and re-surfaced roads, are far more likely to cause chips, so slow down and keep a good distance from the car in front.

See how you can keep your car in good shape, visit our Tips From The Trades guide to get advice from professional mechanics.

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