Car Insurance Renewal FAQs

Swinton knows that renewing your car insurance isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but it is important that you have the right level of cover in place should things go wrong. That’s why we’ve answered some of our customers’ most commonly asked questions here.

What will happen when my insurance is due for renewal?
Which insurance companies do Swinton work with?
Can I trust your insurance companies?
How is my renewal price worked out?
I’ve not made a claim so why has my insurance price still gone up this year?
How do I know I’ve got the right cover at renewal?
How do Swinton recognise me as a loyal customer?

What will happen when my insurance is due for renewal?

Swinton does the hard work for you by searching for a suitable quote from a wide range of car insurers on your behalf. We then send this quote to you around three weeks before you are due to renew. It’s a bit like your own personal price comparison service helping you to save time.

Which insurance companies do Swinton work with?

As a ‘Broker’, we work with a wide range of insurers which we refer to as our ‘panel’. Swinton’s panel is made up of carefully selected insurance partners including well-known names such as Aviva, LV, AXA, Legal & General and Ageas. We also have specialist insurers to help us with more complex insurance needs, to help protect the things that matter most to you. 

Can I trust your insurance companies?

All the insurers we work with are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) meaning you can be confident your insurance is backed by a reputable company.

How is my renewal price worked out?

Your insurance price is based on information known as ‘risk factors’ which could be anything from the area you live in, or how many miles you drive each year, to the type of car you drive and how many claims you have made in the past.

Our car insurers take other factors into account too, and that’s why you’ll find companies charge different prices.

I haven't made a claim; why's my insurance gone up?

In addition to your own risk factors mentioned opposite, other key factors that can affect your price include:

  • Insurance Premium Tax (known as IPT) - is the rate of UK Government tax that everyone has to pay on insurance and is included in the price you pay. IPT has increased from 6% in 2015 to 12% in 2017 pushing up everyone’s insurance price.
  • Fraud - the number of fraudulent claims are on the rise and although the insurance industry is working to reduce this, it’s still a big problem. Unfortunately fraud means insurance companies have to pay out more which increases costs, and means that prices go up across all insurers.
  • Serious injury compensation (known as the Ogden Rate) - calculates how much compensation is paid out to customers in the event of a serious accident. This has changed recently meaning insurer costs and insurance prices go up.

How do I know I’ve got the right cover?

Swinton aims to give you the peace of mind and confidence that you have the right cover. We like to make things easy by offering three simple levels of car insurance. Your renewal price is based on the cover level you had last year, so remember to let us know if any of your details change as this could affect the cover you need - and possibly even reduce your premium.

At renewal, we always encourage you to check the documents to see whether the level of cover still gives you the features and benefits you want, such as:

  • Do you need a replacement vehicle if yours was stolen or off the road?
  • Do you need cover for driving abroad?
  • Is your annual mileage still the same?

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