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  • View my live policy documents
  • View my cover level
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  • View my renewal quote
  • Renew my policy
  • Pay by credit/debit card or by monthly instalments
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To renew your pet policy please start a Live Chat with a member of the Swinton team.

Manage My Policy

  • Update my contact details (Including telephone number and email)
  • Upload proof of No Claims Bonus and other documents
  • Update my marketing preferences
  • Go paperless

Make A Change To My Policy

  • Get a quote for a change
  • Recover a stored quote
  • Accept and pay for a change by credit or debit card, or continue my monthly instalments
  • Change the policyholder’s details
  • Change my address
  • Change my level of cover
  • Add, edit or remove drivers/riders
  • Replace or edit my vehicle details
  • Change my vehicle use
  • Add, edit or remove joint insured/policyholder
  • Edit my property details
  • Change my contents or buildings cover
  • Add/edit specific item cover (in or away from the home)

We apply a reduced £15 service charge for any changes made online, when you sign up to our online portal (this is compared to the standard service charge of up to £35).

To make a change to your pet or van policy please start a Live Chat with a member of the Swinton team.

Insurance4CarHire Customers: Please note, you will not be able to change between single and annual policies, change the start date of your policy or your country of residence via the online portal. If you need to make any of these changes, you will need to cancel your policy and take out a replacement policy.

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