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Get a public hire taxi insurance policy covering you and your black cab with flexible cover options.

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What is Public Hire Taxi Insurance?

Public Hire Taxi Insurance, also known as ‘Black Cab’ insurance, is a type of policy specifically designed to cover taxi cabs licensed to be flagged down by the public. It varies slightly from Private Hire Taxi Insurance because there are different risks for public hire cab drivers.

At Swinton, we understand what it’s like to be a black cab driver. You’re often working long hours at unsociable times, dealing with heavy traffic and escorting all kinds of passengers to their destinations: it’s a challenging job. Our Public Hire Taxi Insurance covers you for several eventualities so you can feel relaxed at the wheel.

What does Public Hire Taxi Insurance cover?

Public Hire Taxi Insurance covers you for everything that our Private Hire policies do. The critical difference is that your excesses and cover limits will vary because of the added risks that come with picking up members of the public.

With Swinton’s Public Hire Taxi Insurance, you’ll be covered for the following:

  • Our comprehensive policy will cover you for the loss of, or damage to, your taxi.
  • Get windscreen replacement included as standard in our comprehensive cover.

Available as an optional extra:

  • Public Liability cover
  • Cover for your audio equipment up to £150
  • Up to £1,000 to cover replacement locks if your keys are lost or stolen
  • Cover for special occasion vehicles (e.g. wedding and funeral vehicles)
  • Cover for minibuses up to 17 seats (including the driver) – vehicles larger than this are considered to be coaches
  • Cover for your taxi communication equipment

What is the difference between Private Hire Taxi Insurance and Public Hire Taxi Insurance?

The key difference between private and public hire taxis is that public hire cabs don’t need to be booked in advance. Generally speaking, public hire taxis can be a bit more expensive to insure than private hire taxis, as the vehicles are often newer.

Why choose Swinton for your Public Hire Taxi Insurance?

  • Discounts available for drivers with previous fleet experience
  • Get access to a 24-hour UK-based taxi claims service
  • Get quotes from our trusted panel of specialist taxi insurers
  • Get windscreen replacement cover as standard in our Comprehensive cover

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