New car technology you won’t believe exists

As new technology develops, the car industry is often one of the first to adopt any high-tech advancements. From hybrid engines to cruise control, we’ve already seen huge changes in the features offered by car manufacturers, but some of the latest advancements may surprise even the most eager of car enthusiasts. From brilliant safety features to clever user systems, here are some of our favourite up-and-coming automobile innovations…

Road Surface Scanning

For a comfortable ride on even the most uneven of surfaces, one leading car manufacturer has developed Road Surface Scanning technology, allowing your car to ‘sense’ the surface it’s driving on. As soon as it notices any upcoming road imperfections or bumps, the car will adjust its suspension to keep your ride as smooth as possible. You’ll never have to worry about swerving around those nasty potholes again!

Vehicle Control Apps

Is there anything a smartphone can’t do? With real-time updates via a clever smartphone app, you can interact with your vehicle remotely. From keeping an eye on your car’s location to monitoring the battery level on electric cars, you’ll never feel far from your vehicle. Plus, some apps can detect if the driver has been in an accident and will alert family members and even the emergency services. You can also flash the lights and honk the horn to attract attention from afar – there really is an app for everything!

In-Car Doctor

Manufacturers are in the process of developing cars that can monitor the health of their drivers. With seat sensors and steering wheels to detect the heart’s electrical impulses, the driver’s pulse and even the glucose levels of diabetic drivers, these cars will have the ability to prevent car accidents caused by drivers suffering from sudden health issues. This technology is still a long way from being accessible on the market, but we can definitely see its potential!

Augmented Reality Dashboards

It may seem a little ‘sci-fi’ now, but cars could soon have the ability to project an augmented reality dashboard on the windscreen in front of the driver, so they’ll never need to take their eyes off the road again. The display can extend the driver’s view (essentially waving goodbye to blind spots), identify any hazards in front of the vehicle, as well as navigate to a certain destination. For passengers, AR dashboards could bring a whole new level of entertainment – we’re talking games, films and TV shows. Bring on the road trips! 

With the current speed of technological advancement in the car industry, there are plenty of exciting innovations to come. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

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