Project summer: DIY disasters

We can’t all be a dab-hand at DIY, but most of us are willing to have a go at some tasks around the home ourselves rather than call in a tradesman.

That’s just one of the findings of research carried out by Swinton, which we’ve brought together in two Do-it-yourself disasters infographics for Home and Garden. Of the 1,330 respondents, 78 per cent suggested they’d try and get the job done themselves, which led to a variety of problems.

We asked people about the kinds of tasks they’ve carried out and – as you’d expect – some things were trickier to successfully complete than others. However, the seemingly simple task of painting and decorating led to the biggest DIY disaster for 29 per cent of those who replied.

Kitchen and bathroom renovations proved popular too, with many finding the prospect of adding value to their property appealing. However, 15 per cent suggested one of these rooms saw their biggest DIY failing and said they wish they’d brought in professional help.

Worryingly, 30 per cent of those surveyed admitted to taking risks when carrying out DIY and 11 per cent have accidentally punctured live cables or pipes, suggesting that sometimes it really is worth paying for a skilled tradesman.

We also asked people about their gardens and found that (despite their reputation as man’s best friend) dogs were blamed for 28 per cent of the accidents occurring in this area.

And many told us that they fail to take advantage of outside areas. A quarter of respondents said they never use them, despite properties with gardens costing around 20 per cent more.

And even 86 per cent of those who employ the services of a professional gardener admitted they failed to utilise the area. There were a variety of reasons given for not using them, but for 21 per cent a lack of free time was the most important factor.

The figures certainly make for interesting reading and give us a few clues about out DIY habits, so take a look for yourself.

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