Gadget insurance: How to cover your smart tech

Take a look around your home… how many devices can you see? From computers and laptops, to mobile phones and cameras, the amount of smart tech you own can add up.


So how can you make sure your gadgets are insured if they are accidentally damaged or stolen? A specialist insurance policy can cover the cost of repair and replacement, or you may already be covered under your current home insurance.

Before you go shopping for insurance, here are some things you’ll need to know.

It’s usually a one-size-fits-all policy for gadgets

With the exception of specialist mobile phone insurance, any electrical and portable tech will be covered under one policy. Most insurers will bundle different gadgets together, such as tablets, laptops, digital cameras and e-readers.

These items will be covered against theft, loss, accidental and liquid damage and some policies will offer a replacement service.

Your gadgets may already be covered under your home contents insurance

You may be surprised to know that you could already have gadget cover as part of your current home insurance policy. So before you buy specialist cover, it’d be worth checking your policy documents.

At Swinton, we can protect your gadgets if you take out Extended Accidental Damage cover (when in the home only). This is an extra option that can be added to your home insurance policy.

There are some restrictions to getting cover

If you take out gadget insurance, you’ll come to find that some things may obstruct you from getting insured. For example, the age of your gadget, if you use it for work or if it is second-hand. 

The cost of gadget insurance will vary

Depending on the level of cover and how many items you choose to insure, gadget insurance may only cost you a few pounds per month – even less if your insurer is offering special discounts. Many banks also offer types of gadget insurance with their current accounts for a monthly fee.

A more affordable option for you could be to extend your current home contents insurance, rather than taking out specialist gadget cover.

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