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Protect your home from structural damage with a Buildings Insurance quote through Swinton, selected from our hand-picked panel of insurers.

What is Buildings Insurance?

Buildings insurance covers the cost of repairs to the physical structure of your property like the walls, roof, and windows if they become damaged. Any permanent fittings in your home that cannot be realistically removed are also protected by a Buildings Insurance policy, including kitchens, bathrooms, and even fitted wardrobes.

While there’s no legal requirement to take out cover, many loan providers will insist upon it as part of a mortgage agreement. This will mean you’ll need to continue paying for a Buildings Insurance policy until your loan is paid off, at which point you can choose whether you want to keep your policy.

What does Buildings Insurance cover?

Buildings Insurance covers you for the cost of repairing and rebuilding damaged and destroyed properties, also known as ‘insured peril’. A typical Buildings Insurance policy will cover structural damage to your property that is caused by:

  • An escape of water e.g. from a burst pipe
  • Fire
  • Theft
  • Floods
  • Storms
  • Falling trees
  • Riots
  • Malicious acts

You’ll need to inform your insurer of the total value of your home when applying for Buildings Insurance.

Each policy differs from one insurance provider to the next, so it’s wise to check your own insurance documentation to find out the details of exactly what cover you receive. In most cases, however, a Buildings Insurance policy will cover the following:

  • Rebuilding or repairing the structure of a property following a covered loss, including flooring and plasterwork
  • Drying the property out after flooding or an escape of water
  • Replacing or repairing bathroom suites and fitted kitchens
  • Temporary accommodation if you’re unable to remain in your home while work is underway — usually for a specified time period detailed in your policy

Choose from three tiers of Buildings Insurance cover to create a policy that best suits your needs and those of your property.

Please refer to policy wordings listed for exact cover

Key benefits



(Choose a limit to suit your needs)
£500,000 to Unlimited£500,000 to Unlimited£500,000 to Unlimited

Alternative accommodation cover

Up to £30,000

Up to £30,000

Up to £75,000

Lost or stolen keys



Trace and access


Blocked Sewer Pipes


Emergency Access Gardens & Buildings


Matching sets cover


£100,000 legal protection


Accidental damage


Home Emergency


Maximum limits shown. Other features, benefits and limitations exist, please contact us for details.


Policy Documents

Policy wording (PDF - 1.6MB)
Policy wording (PDF - 1.6MB)
Policy wording (PDF - 1.6MB)

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What types of Buildings Insurance are available?

It’s important when taking out any type of insurance that you choose a policy that best suits your needs and situation. At Swinton, we offer our customers two types of Buildings Insurance to ensure you’re getting a policy that works for you. 

Standalone Buildings Insurance

You can choose a Standalone Buildings Insurance policy to cover repairs to your property. However, the maintenance of your property or any damages to your belongings will not be covered by your insurer.

Combined Buildings and Contents Insurance

Choosing a Combined Buildings and Contents Insurance policy ensures that both your property and the belongings within it can be insured. It could potentially be more expensive to take out a combined policy, but it ensures both your home and any items inside are protected against damage or theft.

Why consider Swinton for your Buildings Insurance?

  • Panel of insurers - We compare quotes from our specially selected panel of insurers to try and help you find a suitable quote
  • Policies tailored to you - Tailor your Buildings Insurance policy with optional additional cover to suit your needs
  • Easy-access online hub - We store your insurance documents in our handy online insurance hub that you can access at any time
  • Claims helpline - Our helpful team of insurance specialists can answer any questions you have with our 24/7 claims helpline or via Live Chat

Buildings Insurance for unusual homes

As properties can come in all manner of shapes and sizes, we endeavour to provide as many specialist Building Insurance options so you’re covered, wherever it is you call home. 

Our panel of specially selected insurers allows us to cover several unique property types to help find a policy that’s right for you, even if your home is a little out of the ordinary.

High-value properties

From city centre penthouse apartments to country homes, our High-Value Property Insurance policies are tailored to provide cover for buildings valued at over £500,000. 

Listed buildings

For those lucky enough to reside in one of the UK’s heritage sites, our Listed Building Insurance policies cover grades 1, 2 and 2* in England and Wales, and grades A, B and C in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Second homes and holiday homes

Our Second Home Insurance policies provide specially designed Buildings Insurance cover for properties that are used less frequently than your main residence. 

Non-standard builds

Whether your home is built inside an unusual building or features state-of-the-art eco technology, our Non-Standard Construction Insurance aim to find a policy that will cover your property.

Timber frame properties

Despite there still being many homes on the market built from timber, homeowners can often find it difficult to find a quote for Buildings Insurance. With our specially selected insurers, we can try to find Timber Frame Property Insurance that’s right for you and your home.

FAQs about Buildings Insurance

Buildings Insurance ensures you’re covered in the event that the physical foundations of your property are damaged and need rebuilding or repairing. As a general rule, your Buildings Insurance policy will protect elements of your home that you can’t pick up and take with you.

Contents Insurance, on the other hand, covers the cost of replacing your belongings in your home in the event that they are damaged or stolen. As opposed to Buildings Insurance, Contents Insurance typically applies to items that you would take with you if you moved home, including jewellery, electronics and furniture.

You can learn more about Contents Insurance here.

No, you do not legally need to take out a Buildings Insurance policy. Some mortgage providers, however, will insist you find cover before they will lend to you.

Yes, Buildings Insurance will cover damage to the property’s structure or permanent fixtures even if you live in a flat. However, you will need to check the terms of the lease and determine whether there is any insurance in place for the whole building.

No, it’s the landlord’s responsibility to ensure a property is protected with Building’s Insurance.

No. As it’s seen as a gradual deterioration of the property and not ‘insured peril’, most insurers won’t cover rising damp in a policy.

Yes, in most situations, an insurer will cover the cost of property damage resulting from subsidence.

The most common indicators of subsidence are:

  • Cracks in the walls, ceilings, and outer brickwork
  • Expanding or existing cracks
  • Cracks appearing after a long phase of dry weather
  • Rippling of wallpaper that isn’t caused by damp
  • Door frames and window frames warping or changing shape

HM Land Registry can help provide information on when your house was first built.

We have specialist Flood Risk Insurance policies and will try to help you find suitable cover if you live in a flood risk area.

If you’re a landlord, you’ll need to insure your property with a dedicated Commercial Property Insurance policy.

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