Your autumn to do list

As the seasons start to change, so will the jobs on your to-do list. So to help you face the colder weather and manage higher energy costs, we've put together some handy tips for autumn.


In your garden...

Just because you’re saying goodbye to summer, doesn’t mean you have to put your gardening tools away. There’s plenty for you to do…

Help your plants and flowers thrive

Keeping on top of your flowerbeds will ensure everything is ticking over nicely – and save yourself a job when springtime comes back around. Check for any weeds, prune your plants and stock up your compost heap, so your soil is filled with nutrients ready for when you’re sowing seeds again. 

Clear gutters and check your roof

Falling leaves can also land in your gutters, which can lead to blockages in drainpipes. A quick clear up of any debris will help to avert any water overflowing.

As the weather changes, it’ll also be a good idea to check for any missing or loose roof tiles, which can cause leaks and damp spots in your home.

In your home...

When the temperatures start to cool off, here’s how you can keep your home feeling toasty. 

Test your heating

Checking all your radiators are working properly before the chilly weather sets in will ensure you’ll get the most out of your central heating. If some aren’t working as they should, a quick fix is to bleed them.

Try draft stoppers

Feeling a draft? There’s a simple way to stop air leaks in your home: draft stoppers. Drafts can be a nuisance, making you feel uncomfortable – and they can even cost you money. A draft stopper will help insulate your home and save on heating bills. You’ll find affordable draft stoppers in most homeware stores or online.

Setting your thermostat

Getting your thermostat to work around you and your schedule offers another money saving solution, so you’re not dipping into your pocket having it on all day. Thermostats can be programmed to turn on when you wake up and turn off when you leave your home. 

Protect your house from creepy crawlies

Autumn is also dreaded spider season, when an influx of eight-legged creatures crawl into your home to escape the cold. Here's how you can keep them away. Whether they're in your bathtub or scuttling across your carpet, vacuuming regularly (high and low), removing noticeable webs and filling any gaps in their hiding places will ward them off.

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