What really happens to your body during Dry January?

While the festive season brings many times of merriment, it can often result in one too many Christmas cocktails, leaving you feeling sluggish and in need of a detox. If you’re planning on swapping champers for cranberry juice this January, here are five things you can expect to happen to your body…


1. You snooze, you (don't) lose

Alcohol is known to disrupt sleep, and after abstaining for a few days, you may continue to experience disordered sleeping. However, your sleep pattern should start to improve significantly once you banish the booze, meaning you’ll fall asleep quicker, and, most importantly, stay asleep!

2. Pep in your step

As we all know, better sleep quality = more energy. You’ll be raring to go with all the good sleep you’re getting, and you should find yourself in a more positive state of mind – what a great start to 2020!

3. Resting smug face

January can be far from dry, with plenty of wet weather and runny noses! Vetoing that vino can actually boost your immune system, and you may find yourself keeping clear of the usually-inevitable post-Christmas lurgy. While everyone else is coughing and spluttering, you’ll be the picture of heath!

4. Skip the gym

Feeling guilty about festive overindulgence is so last year. And let’s face it: Most of us are finishing off our mince pie supply well into the new year! Nonetheless, you might notice your clothes feeling a little looser as you continue to shun the shandy this month. Alcohol is full of empty calories, so avoiding it will allow you to put off renewing that gym membership for a while – and leave you plenty of room to enjoy your favourite winter warmers!

5. Rejuvenation station

Your skin can quite the beating after an excess of eggnog, resulting in a dull and dry appearance. Tackle the dreaded impact of dehydration head-on with lots and lots of lovely water – your skin will be looking smooth and supple in no time!

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